Film Review - Wrestling Women vs. The Aztec Mummy

Starring - Lorena Velazquez, Armand Silvestre, Elizabeth Campbell / Directed by Rene Cardona / Something Weird DVD FF Not Rated 89min 1964

Review By Xmortis

Another tomb is opened and another Aztec Mummy comes to life, this time with the powers of turning into a bat! So read on and learn more about this unofficial take on Mexico's Aztec Mummy.

The Black Dragon and his gang are killing and kidnapping men of science to find out who has a map that will lead them to an Aztec tomb that is claimed to have treasure. The last scientist alive (Luis) cuts the scroll into three pieces and gives one to his nephew, and two pieces to two female wrestlers. The Black Dragon meanwhile kidnaps the scientist's daughter and brainwashes her into thinking that he is her only friend. He uses her to try and get info from others about the whereabouts of Luis. After several attacks The Black Dragon's men have two of the pieces and they set up a wrestling match for the third. If the Dragon's Judo sisters beat the wrestling women they get the missing piece, and if the Wrestling Women win they get the two back. After the Wrestling Women win, the Black Dragon once more uses this to his advantage to finally find the Aztec tomb. Luis, the Wrestling Women and his nephew and daughter go to get the Breastplate but by doing so they free the Aztec Mummy who wants it back, and even takes on The Black Dragons gang to do so. In the end they return the breastplate and the tomb comes down crushing the Aztec Mummy.

Wrestling Women, a pissed off Mummy and a evil Asian gang leader all wrapped into on low budget movie, what more could one ask for? The film like the other Aztec Mummy films is more about an evil man's greed for treasure then the title monster. But what this one does right is the fact they make it more fun with the Black Dragon like a cheap man's Fu Manchu. Having two beautiful wrestling women try and save the day is also a bonus. But as always the main attraction is the one and only Aztec Mummy. While not the same as the one in the first three films this Aztec Mummy is also in charge of watching an old breastplate and will kill anyone who tries to steal it. The Mummy's look is amazing and is pure cheese, Its fake eyeballs are down right comical as are his over done moans. What makes this Aztec Mummy weird is the fact it can turn into a bat, a spider and can't stand sunlight. What is he, a vampire? Plus he goes down really easy and makes for a ho-hum ending for a powerful Mummy. The heroes of the film are all likeable and like I said before the wrestling woman are some good looking gals who in most of the "wrestling" scenes use body doubles. The down side of this film is the fact it tries to mix too many films together I mean it has horror, wrestling, the mob and a pinch of drama. If done right these elements can work together, sadly for this one it just seems disconnected in spots. But if you're looking for a no brainer film to kill time that has funny looking mummy, girls in full body suits, great shots of Aztec mounds then this is one that's worth a check out.

This movie is on a double feature along side a movie called Doctor of Doom and has some great extras like TV Spots, trailers, episode 3 of "Ghoul-A-Go-Go" and other Something Weird goodies. As always Something Weird makes the extras on the DVD worth looking at.

Better than Curse of the Aztec Mummy and Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy this one holds a fun charm like the first in the series and spends more time on trying to make a plot then using old flashbacks like the other two sequels. If you want to see a fun film with a silly plot and some hammy female wrestling then check out this fun film.

Next up is 2007's Mil Mascaras vs. The Aztec Mummy: more wrestling meets mummy fun!