Film Review - Wolf Hunter 2

Staring - Matt Hoffman, Thomas Blurton, Geoff Burkman, Josh Weinberg. Jason Gilmore, Garrison Kane | Directed by Matt Hoffman | Independent B Movie DVD LB Unrated 80min 2007

Review By The Baron

This film is an independent no budget film and is rated different then normal Hollywood films.

The Wolf Hunter is back and badder than ever! This time he is on a manhunt or "wolf hunt," if you will, for the wolf responsible for his lover Amber's death. Desperately seeking forgiveness for his failure in the first installment, he learns from his lover's father that he has hired another wolf hunter Duke to take care of the beast he let slip through his hands so long ago. So the Wolf Hunter must hunt down Malice and Oliver while trying to stay clear of this new Wolf Hunter or die trying. In this fast paced and action packed squeal there will be more twist and turns than you will be prepared to handle.

We find ourselves with the Wolf Hunter standing over what we think to be the dead body of Malice, the king of the werewolves featured in the first film. But as the Hunter walks away and turns back to look at the body one last time, Malice is gone! First and foremost this is a huge step down from the original. The story is so all over the place. There is little to no continuity, with hairstyles, facial hair and seasons changing from scene to scene; it's hard for me to imagine what the director was thinking. The dialog is horrendous. I'm not sure when to be scared or when to laugh or what I am suppose to be feeling while watching this film. The acting is terrible. Save for the Duke character, I didn't connect with any of them like I did in the first film. While I could laugh and have fun with the first film, I could only find embarrassment for this second one in the no budget series. Being an independent movie, I have to look past the terrible sound and shoddy camera work. But the one thing that I could not forgive is the lack of care put into the continuity. There are so many times I found myself wondering if every scene was set in a completely different time period which just added to my confusion and disappointment. To me this film looks like something the director just threw together at the last minute to get a squeal out. Being a big fan of the original it was sad for me getting through this one. Now there are a few saving graces, the Duke character that I mentioned before was a riot. I had fun watching him put the Wolf Hunter down and completely steal the show. Some of the werewolves were not so bad also like Malice and Ravenger. But I can't express my deep disappointment any more for this film. It was a shot and miss.

Extras include an unfinished trailer for Wolf Hunter 3, commentary, deleted scenes, on set interviews and more.

This film will be a disappointment for any fans of the first. But if you are a fan of the original, then you may find some fun with this film. If you can find this for free pick it up and have a watch, but I wouldn't pay more than a buck for it.