Film Review - The Wolf Hunter

Starring -Matt Hoffman, Patrick Neeley, Josh Weinberg, Jason Gilmore, Sarah Fix, Max Price | Directed by Matt Hoffman | Dark Soul Productions DVD FF Not Rated 24 min 2001

Review By The Baron

This film is an independent no budget film and is rated differently then normal Hollywood films.

It is fall in Ohio. A town is being overrun by werewolves and there is only one man who can save the townsfolk, the Wolf Hunter. Will he save them, or will more people be massacred by the king of werewolves, Malice? To add to his problems there are more werewolves about, Oliver and Red-Eye. A young woman's dad hires the Wolf Hunter to save her from Oliver, and it's up to the lone warrior to kill the bad guys and get the girl. Does he have the will and weapons to do it? Find out in this action packed thriller from director Matt Hoffman.

This is one of my favorite independent movies of all time, but I will give my honest opinion. The first thing you are presented with is a long introduction by the director Matt Hoffman. Now this might be cool to watch one time through, but you probably want to skip it the next time you watch the film. It's kind of a rambling about films that never really happened. The film proper starts out with our hero tracking down the infamous werewolf Red-Eye. Now I must admit the name is a little ridiculous, but the thought is what counts. You can tell this film was shot on VHS but it kind of adds a gritty feel and suites the movie. The Wolf Hunter fires off a few rounds and Red-Eye is dead. There is no blood or anything so I wouldn't get too excited (even though it says and I quote, "the blood flows like wine," on the back of the box). Now I don't want to give too much of the movie away so I will be brief. The acting is absolutely terrible, but fun. The plot kind of goes up and down. Sometimes the Wolf Hunter makes some decisions that will leave you dumbfounded. There is a little bit of blood in the fight with Oliver but nothing to go home and tell momma about. The guns are very obviously fake, but again it adds to the fun of this film. The Wolf Hunter has some great lines in the movie that will make you laugh out loud. I don't think this was the intention of the filmmaker but beggars can't be choosers. The ending is a huge fight scene with Malice, the king werewolf, which although kind of lackluster, is still very entertaining. Now don't think this thing is going to be amazingly choreographed and thought out; try thinking the exact opposite. The editing is okay. There are some weird cuts and death scenes that will leave you with questions, but don't read too much into them. The soundtrack is pretty random and way too loud in parts. It cuts out some of the dialogue in a few scenes.

Extras include commentary from director Matt Hoffman, director's intro, deleted scenes with option of commentary, bloopers and behind the scenes, "Bark at the Moon: Malice" short film, "Last Man on Earth" short film, three Wolf Hunter 2 Trailers and motion menus

This is a fun movie, but it's by no means a masterpiece. If you are looking for a fun little movie about werewolves to watch with your friends and have a good ol' time, then this is a great buy for about 1 to 5 dollars. But if you are a very critical person and can't stand flaws in movies, pass this one up.