Film Review - Witchcraft IX: Bitter Flesh

Starring - Landon Hill, David Byrnes, Stephanie Beaton, Mikul Robins | Directed by Michael Paul Girard | Simitar DVD FF Not Rated 90min 1997

Review By Joker

We have yet another chilling and erotic entry in the Witchcraft film series, this one starring the super sexy Stephanie Beaton. Let's see how this no budget stinker holds up to the rest of this terrible series. And as always, be on alert for spoilers.

Will Spanner is a ghost, walking the earth hoping to find peace or at least someone who can hear him. Cops Garner and Lutz are back on the streets as once more a killer is on the loose going after young women much like Vampire King Martin before him. But this time instead of biting the women he is butchering them and stealing their hearts. A sexy hooker named Sheila hears Will's voice and decides to help him bring peace to his loved ones and find out what happened to him. Meanwhile Will's girlfriend is living with someone who looks like Will as Sheila gets help from Garner and Lutz to stop the killer who she thinks is after Will's girlfriend. Will finds that some other sprit is in his body, living his life and is in fact the heart stealing killer. In the end Sheila, Lutz, Garner and Will's spirit beat the killer and his helper, and Will returns to his body.

Once more this film delivers in the hot naked girl department with actress Landon Hill, who played Shelia. Not to mention B-Queen Stephanie Beaton plays the role of Lutz, and as always she looks good showing off her acting chops. Sorry folks, no nudity from her. Once more David Byrnes plays Will Spanner and this time around hams it up more then usual. The film's downfall is the fact that it's boring and that it's clear that this print is trimmed causing some weird jump cuts. The plot has Will Spanner teaming up with a hooker to stop a mad killer who has stolen Will's body and needs human hearts. Throw in returning cops Lutz and Garner and you have this ninth entry in this series. By this point the series has fully run out of steam, and this entry added nothing new to the bland story. By the lackluster ending you wonder why the makers didn't spend more time on a plot. The film is bloodless, has no moments of suspense and is not erotic at all. While it does have hot nude women and sex scenes, they just seem so ho-hum. There is not much more to be said about this film besides once again it's a bad movie in the Witchcraft series.

This DVD is barebones and comes in one of those terrible CD cases inside a cheap cardboard box, but some how that crappy box fits for this series in all its lackluster glory. Plus the Full Frame transfer is a pure VHS port complete with some tape rolls and clinches.

By this point I am wondering why I chose to put myself in this position to review this series. I mean so many other Horror film series need to be reviewed for the site but I had to choose one that has thirteen total films - none so far that have gotten above a two star rating. Bitter Flesh is a film that is so forgettable. If you like films with naked chicks, terrible plots, Stephanie Beaton, bloodless horror and hookers being screwed in elevators, then you might want to rent Witchcraft IX: Bitter Flesh.

Next I'll take a look at "Witchcraft X: Mistress of the Craft," and let me tell you I am not holding my breath that this one will bring the series out of the dumpster!