Film Review - Witchcraft VII: Judgment Hour

Starring - Alisa Christensen, David Byrnes, April Breneman | Directed by Michael Paul Girard | Troma DVD FF R 90min 1995

Review By Joker

We have made it through six and now it's onto seven! I wonder how well this one fairs? This review does have some spoilers, so you've been warned.

Will Spanner is back and throw into the fire once more with vampires coming to play this time around. A vampire demon king named Martin is running around killing young women as Will starts to piece things together. He gets help from cops, Lutz and Garner, who witness a dead girl come alive and beat them all down. After finding the girl and driving a stake into her heart, they know that they are up against pure evil. Meanwhile Martin is about to take control of the world's blood supplies and spends his time putting the moves on hot young women. But when Lutz and Garner are taken off the case and Will focuses on his girlfriend, not knowing eats away at them. Martin bites Will's girlfriend, and the vampire's roommate spills the beans to the cops that Martin was with the dead girl before she died. Will goes after Martin and with the help of the cops he is able to put an end to the vampires' reign of terror but also pays a price for being a hero, and so ends the adventures of Will Spanner...or does it?

Yet another cheap erotic horror film that packs more boobs than blood and more squeals then screams. But this film does deliver in the hot chicks department and in some scenes they do come off sexy. Gasp! I know a Witchcraft movie that delivers on being erotic! There are so many topless women in this film that it is sure to please fans of late night Cinemax movies. The plot is super simple and pure cheese as this time around Will takes on a demon vampire with the help of two cops and must save his soul and that of his girlfriend. The shocking part of this film is the fact they kill off Will Spanner who had been the series' hero thus far. The end fight of this film is really poorly done as is the "death" of Martin that uses some terrible green screen effects that looks straight off of Public Access. This is the major down side to this already below average film. I will say they at least tried in this one with blood as well, and even Will rams a stake into a female vampire's chest. David Byrnes plays Will Spanner this go around and does a pretty good job of making the lawyer warlock someone you might want to cheer for. As for Lutz, who becomes a mainstay in the series after this one, she is played by Alisa Christensen. While good, she is not the best to play the role. Overall this film tries to step up the game and makes for an alright watch for fans of erotic horror movies.

Like most Troma DVD's, this disc is loaded with extras that include interview with actress Alisa Christensen, trailers, an introduction to the film by Lloyd Kaufman, music video and a topless comedy jam. The cover art also looks better then most in the series so far.

Of the Witchcraft movies I have reviewed, this one is by far one of the best in the lot. While it is still a bad movie, it at least mixes the erotic and horror better than the past films. Goofy acting, hot chicks, funny cheap special effects, and a vampire with a samurai sword make part seven a fun and silly watch that is one step above the films that came before it. While this DVD is also out of print, it does not fetch a high price and is worth a buy for fans of these type of erotic horror films.

I am five deep into this series (1,2,4, 6 and 7) and now must set my sights on another in this below average series. So what's up next for me is Witchcraft IX: Bitter Flesh. That's right folks, part eight is not out on DVD in our area of the world.