Film Review - Witchcraft 666: The Devil's Mistress

Starring ' Jerry Spicer, Debra K. Beatty, Shannon McLeod, Kurt Alan, Stephanie Swinney | Directed by Julie Davis | Troma DVD FF R 90min 1994

Review By Joker

After no luck finding a region 1 or 0 DVD of Witchcraft 5, I was able to get the powers that be here at Bloodline Video to order the out-of-print sixth film. So let's see if this one is better than the terrible fourth film.

A murderer is on the loose in the city, brutally killing young women and dumping their bodies. Cops Lutz and Garner are called to look into these slayings and have the captain breathing down their necks to bust this killer. The only link between the victims is that they all wear a gold cross around their necks. The killer's name is Jonathon, and he's not working alone. Along with his girl, Kat, they kill the young women for a cult who needs them to sacrifice to Satan. Lutz and Garner enlist the help of the one and only Will Spanner, who they think can give them an inside look at what they are up against. The cult leader Charles Savanti picks up on Will and knows he was once a part of the cult. Will's mind is being affected by the cult, and while they play mind games, the dead bodies are still pilling up. In the end Savanti, Kat and Jonathan set Will up and kidnap his secretary for the final sacrifice, but Will and Lutz come to the rescue and stop this evil plot from being completed.

While this is a bad film, it does have some charm and is a mostly entertaining erotic horror film filled to the brim with hot naked breasts and cheesy acting. The plot has Will Spanner once more butting heads with a cult that wants to kill a virgin to give Satan enough power to bring hell to earth. This time around Jerry Spicer plays Will Spanner and is super dry making Will less of a hero than in previous films. This time Lutz and Garner (Kurt Alan & John E. Holiday) are played by two older men and for the most part are useless. Shannon McLeod plays Kat and is one of the sexiest women in the series up to this point. She is stunning and sexy with a touch of bitch. The rest of the cast is what you have come to expect from this series, so-so actors turning in sleep walking performances. The film is bloodless once more and most of the deaths happen off screen making it dull for fans of the red stuff. I will say that the sex scenes once more are randomly placed into an average storyline to spice it up. Over all this one is still a below average film but is by far the best of the series.

The DVD has some extras that include an introduction to the film, trailers, pick a nude scene feature, radiation march PSA and a few more. All help add to the over all cheesy fun of this film. The cover is also very eye catching.

Cult killers, warlocks, boobs, Satan and a direct to video feel makes Witchcraft 666 a silly dopey entertaining film that will be sure to please fans of late night cable skin flicks. So far Shannon McLeod is the queen of Witchcraft films, but I know Stephanie Beaton is coming up so there may be tie. This one's worth a watch for erotic horror fans, and I must say that the DVD is out of print from Troma and the price tag on it is way too high so not it's worth a buy at this time.

With Witchcraft 666 done it's time for me to move onto part seven: Witchcraft VII: Judgement Hour. This time it's not just cult member but vampires. Let's see if these blood suckers can keep this franchise's up swing. On a side note: I found out that Troma has the rights to put out all the missing sequels in this franchise. So come on Troma, get to it!