Film Review - Werewolf

Starring - George Rivero, Fred Cavalli, Joe Estevez, Nena Belini | Directed by Tony Zarindast | A-Pix DVD FF R 99min 1996

Review By Joker

A small desert town is home to many strange people and legends. When a group of workers find the bones of a werewolf, a curse is been set free to bringing blood and chaos. During an archeological dig, a Native American worker named Tommy is hurt and starts to change into something not human. Meanwhile Noel, the man in charge, and his assistant Natalie take the bones to be studied. Tommy is gunned down and hospitalized as writer Paul comes to town and becomes the next on the curse list when he is scratched with the werewolf's skull. Next Noel and his goons want to capture Paul and put him on display for fame and fortune while Natalie tries to save her new lover and find a way to cure him. Paul spends the film yelping and turning into a werewolf who really does nothing. In the end Paul escapes being captured, kills one person who is hunting him and gets a shock ending from Natalie.

What a crappy, cheesy low budget werewolf film with enough bad dialogue to keep MSTK fans happy and enough rubber faced werewolf action to make fans of "The Wolf Hunter" series very happy. The acting is poor and makes most backyard horror films look amazing. The film is pretty much bloodless and has some of the most piss poor werewolf effects ever put on film. For the most part the werewolf is a close up of a Halloween mask as they move its jaw with a store-bought Halloween make up kit on the half human werewolves. The plot is silly and is just a love story mixed with a curse that adds up to a slow paced, boring film. There is nothing really to write about besides the film's terrible acting, terrible special effects and boring plot. Stay clear of this pile of werewolf dung!

The DVD has no extras besides scene selections and is as barebones as the film is bland.

Over all this out of print film is a waste of time and is not worth any price tag over $2.00! This film should only be watched if you are looking for a film to watch during a bad movie night with friends and is one boring lack luster werewolf film.