Film Review - Trick Or Treat

Starring - Marc Price, Tony Fields, Lisa Orgolini, Doug Savant, Gene Simmons, Ozzy Osbourne | Directed by Charles Martin Smith | Platinum DVD FF R 93min 1986

Review By Xmortis

Eddie "Ragman" Weinbauer is the lone metalhead in a school full of preppy girls and asshole jock guys. His only friends are nerdy Roger and local DJ named Nuke who encourages Eddie to be himself. Eddie is a huge fan of hair metal shock rocker Sammi Curr who went to the same school and has now made it in the world of rock and roll. Eddie spends time writing to his idol as a way to express his distaste for the bullying he's a victim of and his anger at the cancellation of Curr's Halloween concert at the high school. Eddie's world is changed when Sammi Curr dies in a hotel, and Eddie becomes the owner of the only known copy of Curr's last album thanks to Nuke. But Eddie finds out this vinyl is more then just music tracks as Curr begins to talk to his # 1 fan via backward messages. At first the messages are harmless ways to stop his bullies, but then they turn more sinister as one ends up in the hospital. Eddie also is winning the heart of Leslie, a cute popular girl who seems to see past the metalhead's creepy reputation. But when Eddie turns on his idol, Curr is not having it and begins traveling through electricity on his path of revenge at the school. In the end Eddie and Leslie must team up to stop Curr once and for all. But do the two lovebirds have what it takes to stop rock's chosen warrior? Watch this amazing film and find out!

This film is one of my favorite cult movies. Growing up and being into 80's hair metal myself, I heard the snickers from fellow classmates as I proudly wore my vintage Cinderella, Motley Crue and Poison t-Shirts and watching Eddie go through the same thing made the film more close to home. While I was never picked on I knew what it was like to be a metalhead. The plot has an outcast weird kid who spends him time wrapped up in rock music whose idol comes back from the dead to help him get revenge on those who pick on him, only for the oddball to turn on his idol after things get out of hand pitting them against each other. Marc Price of Family Ties fame plays Eddie "Ragman" Weinbauer, the nice kid who is judged for his taste in music and clothes. The character is very likable and you find yourself cheering for him to save the day and win the affections of his dream girl. Price is a good actor and plays this part very well. I had the honor of meeting him at a convention in Indiana and got to speak to him about the possibility of a sequel plot. Tony Fields is Sammi Curr, the dead satanic electric rockstar with revenge and murder on his mind. Sammi Curr is a great representation of what 80's shock rockers looked like and would have fit in perfectly with Blackie Lawless and the rest of W.A.S.P. Curr was slated to be the next Freddy Kruger but with poor box office for this one, the chance of his resurrection in a sequel was crushed. The attitude and overall rebel nature of Curr made for a wonderful sinister movie monster. Fields, who was not a rockstar in real life, was really a trained dancer who was on Solid Gold. Sadly he died in 1995 from cancer related to the AIDS virus. Lisa Orgolini plays Leslie, the cute high school chick that is Eddie's love interest. She is likeable and sweet, and I actually named my cat after this character. Genne Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne have small yet fun cameos as Ozzy plays a preacher who is against rock music and Gene is DJ Nuke. The rest of the cast do a fine job as well. The soundtrack is AMAZING and done by the band Fastway. The songs and voice fit for the sound you would think Curr would be making as he prances around on stage. The film is for the most part bloodless, and while some of the red stuff is used, it's nothing compared to slasher films from this time. It does have some brief shots of boobs making it a true rocking experience. The creature and special effects are pretty good and are done by Kevin Yagher who is known for his work on Friday the 13th part 4, Nightmare on Elm Street 2 & 4, Hellraiser Bloodlines and many more films. The film is also shot really well and truly does hold the 80's horror feel, and not to mention the amazing 80's band posters that litter Eddies room help add to the over all era. I can't say enough about this fun cheesy film besides it's a fun silly time that is worth a buy or a rent for sure. I could go on and on about this movie, but I am sure by now you get the fact I am a fan, and will always be one of Rock's Chosen Warriors because of this film.

Sadly this DVD from Platinum is barebones and offers no extras besides scene selections making it pretty lackluster for a cult classic 80's horror film. The cover is also super lame and makes it seem like Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons of KISS are the main stars when both are only cameos. I'm sure the cheap looking cover also scared away younger horror fans who do not know what this film is really about and just how epic it really is.

A kick ass soundtrack, an electrified shocking villain, a loser who is a winner, great posters and pop culture items make Trick or Treat a fun horror film that now many years later is getting the cult status it deserves. Now out of print, this lackluster full frame edition DVD from Platinum is the only way to see this film unless you get it on VHS. It makes me sad that this has not come out in a crisp widescreen print with extras. I have heard that this film is now tied up with music rights issues, and one can only hope this can be worked out so this film can get the treatment it deserves.

If you like cheesy 80's Horror films, hair metal and having a wicked good time then Trick or Treat is for you! And like our friend Sammi Curr says "No Wimps..No False Metal!"

On a side note, after Sammi attacks the dance looks for Showbiz Pizza mascot Billy Bob being wheeled out on a stretcher. And look for a Kenner Super Power Brainiac figure in Eddie's room. And for lovers of finding film flubs, looks for a red boom mic in the scene when Eddies mom is leaving with her boyfriend on Halloween.