Review by Matthew


The Green Goblin is on the loose and has placed bombs atop buildings all over town, and it's up to Spider-Man to web to the top and defuse them. But along the way Spider-Man must dodge hoods who try to push him off the building. After you defuse some small bombs and work your way up to the Super Bomb, you must dodge enemies and the Green Goblin who wants to stop you from doing your heroic duty. After the super bomb is defused you must continue doing the same thing over and over if you so choose. And yes, there is a time limit for the super bomb so you better get good at web climbing! The game has very standard levels that never end, and that's very normal for the Atari 2600.

Game Play ________________________________________________________________________

This game is pretty hard to control and can be down right annoying with its movements. The joystick moves Spidy about as the button fires the web. The thing about this game is that small bugs make you fall if you're even a pixel off of your target and can cause for levels to be longer then they need to be. Other then that, this game is a breeze and most modern gamers should have no problem picking up its control style.

Graphics ________________________________________________________________________

Like most Atari games what it's supposed to look like is not what it looks like in the game. Spider-Man is nothing more then a crude block man with red and blue color, as the Green Goblin is just all green and has a goofy blockhead. The buildings for the most part are yellow, and the sky is blue. Nothing bad can be said for the graphics because, well, it's Atari and they worked with what the system was able to handle. On a report card for Atari 2600, I would say that this one gets a B for its attempt to bring Spider-Man to a home video console in 1982.

Sound _______________________________________________________________________

It's your typical bleeps and ticks, but when Spider-Man falls, you hear a sickening splat! When you hear that you know he's dead for sure. For the time it's average sound with very little music besides a nice little jingle as you start and end a level.

Overview ________________________________________________________________________

This game is one of the first super hero games I played on a home video console, and I think that's one of the reasons why this classic game holds up to me in the year 2011. I have memories of sitting in my Grandparents' extra bedroom playing this and other classic Atari games on an old TV set with my brother and younger cousins. Each of us was drawn to this game because of the name, and each of us played it and thought wow this game's terrible! But again I think that's where the charm lies. If you have a working Atari 2600 and are looking for a cheesy game to kill time with Spider-Man is one that you will want to pick up and have a blast from the past with.