Film Review - La Momia Azteca Contra El Robot Humano (The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy)

Starring - Romon Gay, Rosita Arenas, Angel Destefani, Crox Alvarado / Directed by Rafael Portillo / BCI DVD FF Not Rated 65min 1958

Review By Xmortis

That cursed Aztec treasure (the breast plate and bracelet) is back again to make Dr. Almada and his now wife Flora's lives a living hell. Almada calls his peers with an idea to find Dr. Krupp (who lived after the events of part two) to stop the Aztec Mummy and save Flora who once more is hypnotized and is used by Krupp to again try and steal the treasure. They learn that Krupp is building a human robot to steal the treasure off the Aztec Mummy and hopefully destroy it once and for all. In the end the Aztec Mummy makes short work out of the robot and Krupp and once more walks away into the night.

Again this film suffers from the use of flashbacks to make its runtime a little longer, and like before it cheapens the film and makes for a snore of a time. In fact the majority of the film is flashbacks making this one a real example of a cheap cash in on the name of a series. The plot is pretty much the same as the first two films and follows Dr. Krupp's attempt to steal the treasure and use it for his own evil plans. The Aztec Mummy once again is a second thought in this film and has very little screen time, but he once again looks just okay. The final fight between robot and mummy is laughable and is so slow and lackluster that by the end of the film you are left wondering why you wasted 65 minutes of your life on a soulless shell of a film. Once more it's nice that Flora, Almada and Krupp return, but nothing new is done with them. This film's only real claim to fame is that it's the third in the Aztec Mummy series and the final film in the full on trilogy and that it was mocked for an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Over all this was a terrible film and was a great way to kill a film series that could have been Mexico's answer to the Hollywood's Universal Monster movies.

The DVD has both dubbed and original Spanish versions of the film, and a booklet about the film series. Again the cover is a nice use of the classic poster. While the print is not amazing it still looks good in black and white.

By this third awful film it would have seemed that the Aztec Mummy would have been laid to rest once and for all, but he returns to fight wrestling women in a fourth film. This really is the final of the official Aztec Mummy films.

The version of the film I reviewed came from BCI's boxset, but this film is easy to get on many different cheap labels if you just want to see how bad it really is.