Red Dead Redemption

Review by Matthew


John Marston was a bad man who has tried to turn his life around, in his past he ran with a wild gang ran by a man named Dutch, now he lives in peace with his wife Abigail and there son Jack. But things get shaken up when the Government kidnaps his family and makes him go after his onetime friends in order to save his family. John travels around the old west of 1911 and must kill his “friends” Bill Williamson and Dutch and must chase them even as far as Mexico. But when John gets his mission done will the Government let this one time outlaw live in peace?

Game Play ________________________________________________________________________

This game is super simple to get down once you get the hang of what button does what, it’s one of those games if you have ever played other Rockstar games like Grand Theft Auto III-IV and Red Dead Revolver then this will be super simple for you to master. While movement and shooting is simple some times things could get a little hard like “Duels” but its not hard enough to make you want to slam the controller down. Plus the game is buggy and can freeze up and do some off the wall stuff making it semi annoying and at times can take the fun out of your sails. But over all this is not a difficult game to play and has some of the best game controls of the last couple of years. I will say that I have heard from many people that the game froze on them making for some frustrating restart moments and this happened not only on the PS3 version but also the Xbox 360, but even with this flaw this was a fun game with some great game play.

Graphics ________________________________________________________________________

The graphics in this game is stunning and the backgrounds are breath taking! The details given to buildings, graveyards, horses and people are what this generation of game systems are made of. If you ever wondered what it would be like to live during the old west this is a perfect visual for that thought, as you ride your house through small towns and the open lands. The characters also look great and main cowboy John Marston is so life like you find him so human like and even view him as a family friend! This game on the PS3 Graphic Report Card gets a solid A+ and could be the best looking game of 2010!

Sound _______________________________________________________________________

The Music in this video game is perfect and the score is so fitting for every scene and place you are at. The score helps add to the over all western feel of this amazing game. The voice acting is also top notch and every character sounds like they should, given it an over all real feel. The sound effects of guns popping, bears roaring and horse galloping sound amazing on a good TV and surround sound. Just like in Game Play and in Graphics the sound is amazing adding to the over all badass nature of the game.

Overview ________________________________________________________________________

I am not a fan of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto game series and find them a little over done and boring in nature, not saying I don’t play them just not a super fan like many gamers are. I did however love the first game in this series Red Dead Revolver that came out on the Playstation 2 and found myself loving this game from the moment I put it into my system. John Marston is one of my favorite lead characters in video games now and I was hyped to see that his legend would continue in “Undead Nightmare”, a add on pack and later released on Disc. I played this game every night after buying it and could 100% say that it was my favorite game that came out in 2010. If you like cowboys, outlaws, Indians, westerns and shoot outs then this is a must play for you, this is worth buying and keeping in your collection.