Film Review - Plasterhead

Starring - Kathryn Merry, Raine Brown, Brian Dixon, Ernest Dancy | Directed by Kevin Higgins | Arts Alliance DVD WS R 94min 2007

Review By Joker

First came Rawhead Rex, then Pinhead, and then Pumpkinhead. Now there is Plasterhead! But does this horror bad guy stand with those aforementioned titans of horror? Well, let's find out!

Like all small towns, legends are always running wild, and nothing is more scary then the story of Plasterhead, a man with a scarred up face that wears a giant plaster head to cover it. One young woman finds out what happens if Plasterhead gets you, and it's not pretty. A group of four college friends on their way to Miami travel through West Virginia, the stomping ground of Plasterhead and find the dead girl's purse. They set out to find the owner of the purse that contains five hundred dollars. When they find the house, they find out the whole area is closed down and the sheriff tells them they must leave the area before sundown because bad things happen when the sun goes down. Two of the friends stay in the house as two go looking for a gas station. The ones who stay become the target of Plasterhead's rage as do the townspeople who have tried to hide him away. In the end the Sheriff comes face to face with Plasterhead and pays for the crime he helped covered up (you see Plasterhead's real name is Ray Williams and he was a victim of a hate crime and left in the hills to die). Only one of the friends make it out alive, and the film is left open for a sequel.

This is clearly a low budget production but while some might think it to be a cheapie throw away, the film is shot very well. The angles are well placed for a film of this level. The storyline is your typical masked hill person killer stuff as this film follows a group of friends who stumble into the killer's hideout and become the target of his killer rage as he goes after them and the town for revenge. Plasterhead is an okay killer whose plaster mask looks silly but his scared face is nice work. Plus I like his back story of being a victim of a race hate crime that makes him go crazy after some good old boys scar up his face. He is played well by Brian Dixon who does his best Jason Voorhees meets Michael Myers as he slow stalks his prey. Raine Brown plays Audra, and she could be one of the hottest no budget actress this reviewer has seen in a long time. She looks smoking in this film with her long black hair and gives some semi nude shots that are sure to please. I would love to see more of her work. Too bad she is the first character to bite the dust. I think the reason I like her so much is she also reminds me of a girl I dated and was crazy about a few years back. Kathryn Merry is also worth mentioning as she plays the lead character Maggie, and not only is she cute, she can also act. In fact the acting in the film is not terrible. Only one seems to make mistakes, Gerard Adimando who plays the sheriff goes in and out of his southern accent. While the film has some blood it's by no means a full slasher and only has a few moments of violent acts that don't last very long at all, making fans who thought they were getting a Friday The 13th rip off very sad. Plus I do feel the name, Plasterhead sounds dumb and cheap and would make you think it was a lower end Lions Gate Film or even a film from Asylum. What the film does have going for it is the locations are solid, the story is average but fun, the acting is not terrible, the ladies are beautiful with Raine Brown being down right gorgeous, an interesting killer, playing off town legends and a underlined message about racism and how stupid people do stupid things.

The film's extras include an alternate ending, two deleted scenes, trailers and subtitles all fitting for the film even though I would like to have heard a commentary track. The cover is okay but really makes the film look like a cheapie that was made to fill the shelves of the now gone Hollywood Video, and that's not the case when you watch it.

While this is not a perfect film and does have some flaws it's a nice low budget horror film that has some great angles, beautiful women, nudity and a killer that has a good back-story. I say this film is worth a rent and watch for horror fans that don't mind their horror on a lower end budget. I would also say that I wouldn't mind seeing a part two of this film to see what they could have Plasterhead do next.