Film Review - Parts of the Family

Starring - Cecilia Bergqvist, Leo Franquet, Bob Dougherty, Debbie Rochon, Ron Jeremy, Tiffany Shepis | Directed by Leon Paul De Bruyn or Gabriel Lloyd | Troma DVD FF Not Rated 85min/82min 200

Review By Joker

For the purpose of this review, I watched the original version for the plot and not the Tromatic cut. Why, you ask. Well I didn't want to hear fart noises and cow bells just yet and wanted to get the full story of this zombie low budget film.

Bank robber Jason Goodis is on the run from the police after his last bank job and finds safety in an old house after he takes its sexy owner/caretaker Ella hostage. But once inside is he really safe? From the police, yes but not from Ella! Outside the cops surround the house wanting to get Goodis, but they know very little about the history of the house. Inside Ella is having some wild flashbacks as Goodis just keeps threatening her with bodily harm, hoping to use her to try to get out of the country. Ella has a nasty flashback that shows her killing her husband and his son after the affair she was having is exposed. Ella seems to be playing mind games with Goodis who still thinks he's in charge of the situation. Flashback after flashback shows Ella as a cold-blooded killer who murdered everyone who lived in the house with her. After Goodis kills a cop, Ella drinks his blood and calls on some zombies (who look like mummies covered in green goop). They make Goodis the hunted now as he must try and escape this mad house. The zombies are so out of control they even attack a police strike force that enters the home. Ella wants the family to turn her into a zombie, but she does not get the curse; Goodis and the Strike Force do! The zombies attack the cops as Ella decides she not longer wants to be a part of the family and now turns into a kick ass zombie killer.

This film is nothing special at all and in some ways could be considered pretty terrible. What this film does have going for it in its original cut is gore and lots of topless shots of Cecilia Bergqvist who has an amazing body and a sexy girl next door face but can't act for shit. In fact, most of the acting is terrible and adds to the pure cheese factor of the film. To be honest, it would have been perfect for the company Cheesyflix to have put out on DVD. If you were to watch a high school media student's film about this subject you would more than likely get the same style of acting. The zombies look terrible and are nothing more than actors in bandages with some blood and cheap green paint thrown on them, cheap terrible stuff. The storyline for the original is fun and could have been good if treated a little different with more of a horror film touch. Cheap effects, topless hottie, terrible acting and some lame zombies sum up the original cut.

The Tromatic Cut is a chop job that you would expect from Troma and their over the top style of horror comedy. This version of the film is filled with stupid dubs and cut in scenes that add nothing to the film. In fact I would give this cut a 1/2 star for its over the top shittyness. The only cool thing about this cut is Debbie Rochon and Tiffany Shepis. This cut is a true pile of trash.

The DVD has your typical Troma extras that include a zombie introduction by Lloyd Kaufman, out-takes and bloopers, an interview with the producer, original and re-cut trailer, other Troma trailers and ads for Troma products.

Two terrible zombie films for the price of one in this low budget shocker of trash cinema brought to you by Troma of course! If you're having a bad movie night and just want to sit and watch a film that is a no brainier, then this is perfect for you.