Film Review - New Shock Theater Episode 2

With - Dr. Creep, Reverand Zealot, Andy Copp, Rick Martin | Directed by Andy Copp | RMM Agency DVD-R FF Not Rated 98min 1999

Review By Xmortis

Dr. Creep is back with episode two in the New Shock Theater TV series. This time his film is the classic rarely seen black and white horror film called Daughter of Horror. So lets take a look at both the Creep segments and the film to see how this episode rates compared to episode one.

Dr. Creep is in his crypt when a package is delivered to him. Before opening it he gives us a great history of the film he is about to host and explains that this was the only film for the director and that it only has one small star in its cast. Creep then tells us that the film will be shown straight through with no interruptions. He shakes the package and a noise is heard. He starts to read the letter that is with it but discards it. Reverend Zealot shows up with another Cult Corner segment. This time the film showcased is Cannibal Ferox (Make Them Die Slowly), and he plugs the Laserdisc and VHS releases of this cult gut munching feature. But the film is interrupted and Dr. Creep along with a baby doll (that we must assume was in the package) speaks to Ed McMahon via Hollywood. Ed rambles on and on about nothing in a funny drunk way. Dr. Creep keeps trying to ask questions as Ed keeps rambling. Creep then speaks some more to Ed who still is rambling. Dr. Creep tries to get the people to once more send him some Homemade Shocks, and we are shown a home made shock video from Joe MacKenzie called Jungleborg about a killer robot in the woods being hunted by some kids. Creep then dumps us back into the dull film that finally ends. Dr. Creep then sends the baby back to the mother and shows a clip of his next feature called The Killing of Satan, and with this episode two ends.

Daughter of Horror is about a young woman's nightmare world where she encounters all types of low lives. All these strange people help trigger repressed memories of her father murdering her mother. What's real and what's just crazed thoughts are something you as the viewer will have to figure out in this almost silent 1955 film directed by John Parker and starring Adrienne Barrett and Ed McMahon.

This second episode was fun, silly and entertaining but again lacks the charm of the original series and even the first episode of the New Shock Theater. For most of the episode, Dr. Creep along with his baby doll talk to Ed McMahon who is really just rambling and laughing his way through the interview. Andrew Copp, the director, is the mouth and voice of Ed and while it was a nice funny skit, it should have been cut down to less segment time to make it more efficient. Dr. Creep in this one again seems rejuvenated and filled back with the magic to host really crappy forgotten movies. Creepy's age and health clearly keeps him in one area and stationed on the set's couch the whole episode, but Creep has the gift of gab and keeps the audience entranced with his cheesy jokes and iconic laugh. Most of the storyline of this episode revolves around the strange baby that is hinted at being Dr. Creep's. While this is a fun plot, it's stretched thin with the limitations of the set. Not much more can be said about the Creep segments in this episode. The Cult Corner segment is pretty entertaining and showed this horror film reviewer a film he has never seen. Reverend Zealot is a nice addition to the Shock Theater family. The no-budget film on this one called Jungleborg is a silly short directed by and starring teenagers.

The film Daughter of Horror is an odd one, and while I love silent films, this is not fully silent and has a mixed soundtrack and narration by Ed McMahon. While the film is shot really well, the nightmare scattered film is kind of a bore and drags in many spots. The film I would give only two stars if this review was about it and not the skits.

The DVD-R has no extras but does have motion menus. Previously this episode was only released on a limited VHS. The poster art on the DVD cover was done by comic artist Jason Young.

If you grew up in Dayton Ohio in the 70s and 80s, then I am sure you know the name Dr. Creep. In the late 90's the show was brought back to the airwaves and enchanted a whole new group of people. While episode two lacks the excitement of episode one and the over all charm of the original series, it still makes for a good watch on a cold October night. If you want to see a drunken Ed McMahon, Cult Corner, a weird semi-silent horror film, a no budget cyborg film and Dr. Creep then this is one that you will want to own.