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03.12.2014 | Baron Von Porkchop & Bloodline at HorrorHound Weekend

Baron Von Porkchop, Matt Brassfield and other members of the Bloodline Video crew will be at HorrorHound Weekend, March 21-23rd in Sharonville, Ohio. Hope to see you there!

01.28.2014 | Baron Von Porkchop on I.C.E.

Bloodline Video is thrilled to be a guest at Dayton's inaugural Independent Creators Expo. Baron Von Porkchop and members of Team Bloodline will be on hand to visit on February 1st at Wright State University with seasons 1 and 2 of Terrifying Tales of the Macabre available for sale. More details here,

10.15.2013 | Join The Bloodline Video Family for Horrorama 2013

On October 25th, we'll once again invade Englewood Cinema for Horrorama, the annual horror film marathon that's guaranteed to make you scream with delight. Join Matt, Juliet and the rest of the Bloodline Family as enjoy Hammer's The Mummy and the Romero Dead Trilogy on the big screen with plenty of fun and surprises from our host A. Ghastlee Ghoul More details here,

10.10.2013 | Porkchop At Colonel Cloyster's B-Town B Movie Massacre

Join Baron Von Porkchop along with our friends from Columbus' Nite Owl Theatre for Colonel Cloyster's B-Town B Movie Massacre at the historic Holland Theater in Bellefontaine on October 12. It's a pre-Halloween celebration of the creepy, corny films we love. More details here,

4.30.2013 | To Absent Friends

The Bloodline Video/Terrifying Tales of the Macabre family has lost two of our own this year: in January we said goodbye to independent horror-filmmaker, New Shock Theatre co-creator, mentor, friend and portrayer of Reverend Zealot, Andrew Copp. Today, we grieve for friend, supporter, coworker and portrayer of Sleazy Tom, Max Ervin. We love and miss you both and are so grateful that you spent some of your short time with us.

12.21.2012 | Happy Holidays From Our Crypt to Yours

Seeing as the world didn't end, we thought it the perfect time to wish all of our friends and fans a safe and happy holiday season. The entire Bloodline Video team is looking forward to a big year in 2013, and we look forward to you being a part of it.

4.19.2012 | Ohio Shock on Dayton Most Metro

Horror hosts fans will want to check out a two-part article by Bloodline Video CEO Matt Brassfield on Dayton Most Metro, the Dayton region's online magazine. The series chronicles the history of horror hosting in Ohio:

Ohio Shock: a History of Horror Hosting in Ohio

Son of Ohio Shock: Part 2 of a History of Horror Hosting in Ohio

3.30.2012 | Werewolf of Ohio Re-released On Warlock Home Video

We're very proud to announce that Bloodline Video CEO Matt Brassfield's first film, Werewolf of Ohio, is being re-released on DVD and VHS by our friends at Warlock Home Video. Visit them online to order this and many other great shot on video films.

3.29.2012 | Terrifying Tales and More of the Macabre

Baron Von Porkchop has a busy spring ahead of him. After a packed HorrorHound Weekend, the Terrifying Tales of the Macabre crew is busy editing all of the footage for a special to air soon.

The first wave of Season 2 DVDs is now available at GameSwap Kettering for Southwestern Ohio shoppers. Online orders can be sent to while we put the finishing touches on our online store and the forthcoming Terrifying Tales of the Macabre homepage.

Speaking of finishing touches, we're putting starting and finishing touches on several other Baron Von Porkchop-related projects including a set of trading cards and a comic book. More details soon.

3.22.2012 | See You in Columbus, Horrorhounds!

We're very excited to join our friends and fans at this weekend at HorrorHound Weekend in Columbus, Ohio. Baron Von Porkchop, Viola (a new face from Terrifying Tales of the Macabre) and Bloodline Video CEO Matt Brassfield will on hand to greet fans, sell copies of Terrifying Tales of the Macabre and New Shock Theatre and film a special episode of Terrifying Tales of the Macabre. We hope to see you there!

9.22.2011 | It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

As the leaves begin to fall and a chill sets into the air around our studios in Southwestern Ohio, the Bloodline Video crew is back from summer break and ready to rock and roll

Our review team has been hard at work preparing for this year's Halloween Review-O-Rama, which kicked off today with a look at the Aztec Mummy series. This year we're also take a look at Universal's Frankenstein, Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Howling, Stepfather, The Grim Reaper, The Hitcher, Wolf Hunter and the Hellraiser series (as voted by our readers), as well as many individual films.

The Baron Von Porkchop cast and crew has been putting the finishing touches on Season 2 which will be airing soon. Stay tuned for more details on air dates and times.

3.29.2011 | Back Home & The Baron on MVCC

We're tired but exhilarated from our time communing with all of our fabulous new friends in the indie horror/horror hosting world from Horrorhound Weekend.

This week also begins a new chapter for Baron Von Porkchop's Terrifying Tales of the Macabre. In addition to our usual midnight (Friday night/Saturday morning) slot on DATV, we'll now be airing in that same time slot on MVCC (The Miami Valley Communications Council community access channel), We're very excited that the Baron will now be available to even more of the Greater Dayton area. You can continue to catch the show online via live stream on DATV and MVCC's websites as well as on The Monster Channel.

Additionally you can get your very own copies of season 1 DVDs of Terrifying Tales of the Macabre as well as Bloodline's reissues of the New Shock Theatre with Dr. Creep at Gameswap in Kettering, Ohio. We hope to have our web store up and running in April for our out-of-town friends and fans.

3.22.2011 | A Busy Week for Bloodline

The wait is just about over. We're headed to Horrorhound Weekend in Indianapolis on Friday. Bloodline Video CEO Matt Brassfield will be joined by Baron Von Porkchop, Sleazy Tom and Juliet and Emily from our review team. This will be your first chance to pick up Season 1 DVDs of Baron Von Porkchop's Terrifying Tales of the Macabre. Our table will also be your source for Dr. Creep DVDs including Bloodline Video's reissues of New Shock Theater

If you can't make it to Horrorhound, never fear. We'll be selling our DVDs here at the site soon after we return home.

And speaking of things a little closer to home, Baron Von Porkchop will be guest hosting the Dirty Secrets Side Show at Wiley's Comedy Club in Dayton on Wednesday, March 23rd. Amazing sideshow troupe, The Invisible Man Corporationis heading this show on their way to Horrorhound, and we're really excited to be involved. More details are available on the Dirty Little Secrets Facebook page.

3.15.2011 | Series Reviews Coming Soon

The Bloodline Video review team has been hard at work behind the scenes watching and writing about films. They're very excited to take on several film franchises for review.

Here are some of the series our reviewers are taking on that you'll be seeing on the site this spring and summer:

Friday the 13th

Police Academy

The Aztec Mummy

The Omen

Universal's Frankenstein

Urban Legend


For the latest reviews, check out our review homepage here at

2.28.2011 | The Baron's Ball a Smash Success!

We are extremely pleased to report that our first big event, the Baron's Ball was a HUGE success. Over 150 people came out to Gilly's Jazz Club in Dayton - most of them in costume and rock and rolled with the Baron, Baroness, Sleazy Tom and the rest of the Bloodline Video crew.

We're already in the process of planning another event at Gilly's with the Baron and some of his horror host friends. Look for details after Horrorhound Weekend. In the meantime, Sleazy Tom has a special song just for you....

1.14.2011 | Farewell Dr. Creep

It's with heavy hearts that the Bloodline Video family says goodbye to our dear friend, Barry Hobart, known to the horror host community as Dr. Creep (pictured above with Bloodline Video CEO Matt Brassfield).

Dr. Creep passed away this afternoon after many months of health problems. We're so happy that we got spend this past Halloween with him during several public appearances and are honored to have helped with the reissues of New Shock Theater.

We want to thank Dr. Creep for years for amazing entertainment and for being such a great friend, mentor and inspiration to the filmmakers, reviewers and movie fans here at Bloodline.

We promise to do our best to help Dr. Creep's legacy live on.

1.6.2011 | Terrifying Tales of the Macabre Hits the Airwaves

It seems like only yesterday we were digging up Baron VonPorkchop and pitching him a television show.

The entire Bloodline Video team is proud to announce that Baron Von Porkchop's Terrifying Tales of the Macabre will make its television debut on January 8th at 12:00am on DATV (Channel 5 in Dayton, OH). You can watch the live stream on The first episode, which features the Baron, Baroness, Bean and Sleazy Tom watching House on Haunted Hill will reair on Monday, January 10th at 1am.
Visit the Baron on Facebook

12.14.2010 | Baron VonPorkchop Says HorrorHound Here We Come!

We're very happy to announce that Baron VonPorkchop has been invited to HorrorHound Weekend, March 25-27th in Indianapolis. He'll be accompanied by the Baroness, Bean, Sleazy Tom and Bloodline Video CEO/Terrifying Tales of the Macabre Director and Producer Matt Brassfield.

Here's a promo video the Baron and company made earlier this month:

If you can't make it to Indiana, we'll also holding a special event in Dayton, Ohio in February called the Baron's Ball. We'll be bringing you more details on that very soon. Stay Tuned!

12.12.2010 | More Series Reviews On the Way

After an extremely busy Halloween season both on and offline, the Bloodline Video crew took the month of November off. Well...sort of.

While Baron VonPorkchop and the Terrifying Tales of the Macabre cast and crew took advantage of some the last nice filming weather here in Dayton, OH, our reviewers were firmly planted in front of their screens. One of big goals as we head into 2011 is to bring you more full franchise reviews. Some of the series we're looking at covering are: Friday the 13th, Death Wish, Hellraiser, Children of the Corn, Shaft and many more.

Look for these and other great reviews of films new and old in our Reviews section. If you're a filmmaker and you'd like us to review your work or you've just want to see what our take is on one of your favorites, email us or leave a comment on our Facebook page.

10.17.2010 | Dude, Where's My Review?

You may have noticed that we're adding new reviews to the site at a quicker pace than six months ago. You have also noticed that some of the older pages have disappeared to make room for new ones.

Whether you've got a favorite review you want to read again or email to a friend or you're a brand new visitor to our site, never fear. Bloodline Video is pleased to announce our Review Archive. As we add new reviews to the website, older film reviews will be moved over to archive which is organized alphabetically.

Click here to begin browsing the archive.

10.01.2010 | This is Halloween

October is our favorite month here at Bloodline Video headquarters. While our filmmakers are out on location getting shots of those beautiful elusive fall leaves, our reviewers are treating you to a month of horror film reviews. We're bringing you a great mix of classic and just released films including films requested by fans of our Facebook page.

Visit our review page for all the latest film reviews from Bloodline Video.

8.28.10 | Hard at Work

As we get closer to fall and our favorite holiday, Halloween, we're hard at work here at Bloodline Video.

We've got lots of new projects including our brand new TV show, Baron VonPorkchop's Terrifying Tales of the Macabre. Visit the Baron on Facebook for pictures, production updates and more.

You can also become of a fan of Bloodline Video on Facebook. Check back here soon for new reviews, announcements and more!

12.20.09 | RIP Brittany Murphy

A sad day in the world of entertainment today, as news broke of the passing of actress Brittany Murphy. Best known for her acting roles in such films as Just Married, Clueless, Girl, Interrupted, 8 Mile, and Sin City, she also showed us that she was a multi-faceted artist, lending her voice talents to television's King of the Hill, the animated film Happy Feet, and techno/dance artist Paul Oakenfold's 2006 hit Faster Kill Pussycat.

At 32 years old, she was clearly among American entertainment's budding young starlets, and she will be deeply missed. We at Bloodline would like to say that although her full potential may never be realized, her legacy will be forever felt through the power of her body of work and the love she passed to her family. Our thoughts and hearts are with them in this most difficult hour.

8.29.09 | WH2 Delay

"Wolf Hunter 2" the anticipated sequel from director Matt Hoffman is having some issues with the mater print and has held up the DVD premire. We hope that the film will be fixed and we have Wooster Film Maker and our good friend Dusty Austin on the job.

8.22.09 | Twisted Batman Announcement

Twisted Batman is slated to hit DVD this year and will sport the short film Nightmare on the disc.

7.7.09 | Teen Suicide 3

Suicide 3 tenatively scheduled to shoot this summer. Matt Hoffman, Matt Brassfield and Dave Wean all have signed back on to star in this third and final installment in the sereies. The script has been kept tight-lipped and filming might start in a month's time. Keep your eyes to this site for more updates.

7.1.09 | A Tragic Week

Independent B Movie/BloodLine Video are saddened by the passing of Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, Billy Mays and Steve McNair. Are thoughts are with their friends and family in this time.

6.30.09 | New Movie Collection Forthcoming

"Bad Movie Night Collection" is a new DVD line that will show case some of the best of the worst in shot on video cinema! Launch titles include "The Vampire Peeper of Greene County", "Matt and Bruce's First Time" and "Treeman Christmas". Titles should be in stores by late August.