Film Review - Mil Mascaras vs. The Aztec Mummy

Starring - Mil Mascaras, Jeffrey Uhlmann, Melissa Osborn, PJ Soles, Richard Lynch, Blue Demon Jr. / Directed by Chip Gubera & Jeff Burr / Osmium DVD WS Not Rated 90min 2006

Review By Xmortis

This is the final Aztec Mummy curse so far and is directed by the team of Chip Gubera and Andrew Quint, who is really Jeff Burr who is best know for directing Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, Puppet Master 4-5 and Stepfather II. This also brings lucha wrestling superstar Mil Mascaras into the mix of cursed horror.

A tribe of Aztec worshipers has brought the evil Aztec Mummy back to life. Meanwhile the famed luchador Mil Mascaras has just broke up with his girlfriend and questions why he must always wear his mask making those who want to know the real him nunable to. But Mil doesn't have time for self pity as he must help the police find out who has been robbing the blood banks around town and why. Mil enlists the help of a Professor and his daughter Maria who have built a robot that could be helpful in his case. In-between wrestling matches he fights off bad guys and gets closer to the truth. All along Mil battles the Mummy's evil forces and finds that his friend/love interest Maria is connected to the Aztec prophecy and is doomed to be the Mummy's bride. When Maria is taken prisoner by the Mummy, Mil and some Lucha friends and the robot stop the Mummy's plan of ruling the world, and Mil puts a stop to the Aztec Mummy once and for all...or does he?!?

This is a fun throw-back to classic Mexican cinema that follows a wrestler who is portrayed as a superhero and the re-birth of one of the most iconic horror characters, the Aztec Mummy. Like before the combo of these two elements work well and add for a fun horror adventure complete with a cheesy dubbed voice for Mil. The plot is simple yet packed to the brim as you follow Mil and his friends trying to stop the Aztec Mummy and his followers from taking over the world and making a lovely young woman his bride. The film is shot well and looks like a top notch direct to DVD style film. It makes great use of light and angles. Plus the film offers some nice nods to the original trilogy even adding a giant robot just for some laughs. Mil Mascaras, who is well in his 60's, is great as the film's action star and does really well in his fighting and acting role. While Mil is dubbed, this helps add to the feel of the film. I wish someone else would make another action horror film starring Mascaras. The rest of the cast do an outstanding job and seem to get that the film is a tongue in check modern take on classic Mexican drive-in cinema. The Aztec Mummy who is played by Jeffery Uhlmann in this version speaks and is on a mission with a bad attitude. While the look is updated and looks great, I still prefer the original look. Plus I like my Aztec Mummy to moan and scream and not speak. A big plus for this film also is the fact that many other classic wrestlers have cameos such as Santo Jr., Dos Caras, Blue Demon Jr., Harley Race and many more, making this fun for diehard wrestling fans. Over all this was a fun film filled with action, humor, horror and lucha wrestling making this one entertaining in this reviewers book.

This DVD is very barebones and has only scene selections, but given that this is a festival edition DVD it's forgivable. As you can see that the cover is very classic and is really eye catching.

Over the top fighting, an angry ancient mummy, lots of Mexico's top wrestling stars and one hell of a fun ride is the best way to explain this film. It's by far the best of the Aztec Mummy inspired films and was well worth my time watching and reviewing.

The Aztec Mummy films official and un-official are fun silly films from South of the border while none are ground breaking all hold a sense of importance to Mexican cinema in bringing a new franchise to their cinema and ours. Its time for me and Bloodline Video to close up the tomb and wait and see what is ahead for the Aztec Mummy in the future!