Film Review - Killer Tongue

Starring - Melinda Clarke, Robert Englund, Jason Durr, Doug Bradley, Mabel Karr, Mapi Galan | Directed by Alberto Sciamma | Ardustry DVD FF R 97min 1996

Review By Joker

Bank robbers on the run in New Mexico have a long term plan to collect their money that involves Johnny doing jail time and Candy becoming a nun. Fours years later while waiting in a shack for her man return, Candy is the target of two brain dead trackers who were screwed during the robbery and becomes possessed by a meteor from outer space that turns her into a sexy long tongued goth vamp. Her pet poodles become brain dead gay men. Everyone who shows up at the shack becomes a victim of Candy's killer tongue, as Johnny is waiting to be free and get away from the evil prison director. The Poodle Men spend their time kidnapping people for Candy to eat as she spends the time trying to figure out how to kill her tongue. In the end Johnny falls in love with a nun and, alongside the prison director and a church full of nuns, must come face to face with Candy, her killer tongue and her Poodle Men. Only one side will survive; which one, you ask. Well watch the film and find out.

The first thing any horror fan will notice about this film is that it has three horror icons in the cast: Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street), Doug Bradley (Hellriaser) and Melinda Clarke (Return of the Living Dead 3). Despite the splatter star power, the film is still a silly mess that is poorly full framed. It's one part sci-fi horror and one part silly comedy, and the mix doesn't work well. The plot follows Candy, a woman going through a sinister change as her tongue becomes a killer, and her boyfriend's quest to get to her and save her. The always sexy and beautiful Melinda Clarke plays Candy, the poor woman with the killer tongue, and while she is not given much to work with, she still looks stunning through out and is a fun villain to cheer for. Robert Englund plays the prison director and seems to have fun playing the mean asshole who gets joy out of being mean to his prisoners, a far cry from Freddy Kruger but a fun role for sure. Doug Bradley is wasted as Wig, a prisoner who has very little screen time and is under used. Most of the acting in the film is hammy, and everyone seemed to understand they were not making Hamlet. The direction is tongue in cheek (pun intended) and seems very weird just for weird's sake. This makes the film a mess that's not overly funny nor scary making for a bland watch. Strangely, the film has a hipster retro look with some nice backgrounds but is heavy on grain and a messy transfer. Plus the pan scan is the pits and has lots of moments cutting the actor out of the frame. While the film has some blood, it's not over done and is not very extreme. The special effects of the talking tongue is silly and funny looking but somehow really works. Over all this film is pretty much forgettable, and I can only recommend this to those who like their horror films on the weird and bizarre side.

This DVD is pretty much barebones and only has a trailer reel as an extra. The full frame print is terrible and clearly a VHS port. The cover is the best thing about this weird piece of direct to video trash.

If you like your horror films laced with off beat humor and goofy moments, then Killer Tongue might be one to check out. While I found it to be a let down, the film has built up a small cult following and seems to please horror fans who like 'em spiced with oddness.