Film Review - Jason X

Starring - Kane Hodder, Lexa Doig, Lisa Ryder, Chuck Campbell, Jonathan Potts, David Cronenberg | Directed by Jim Isaac | New Line DVD WS R 93min 2002

Review By Xmortis

Jason Voorhess is back once more. For some reason he is no longer in hell but is now captive at Crystal Lake Research Lab. After he breaks loose scientist Rowan LaFontaine freezes herself and Jason in a chamber thinking she has ended his reign of terror once and for all. Flash to the year 2455; a group of college kids are on an expedition, and they find the bodies of Rowan and Jason and take them aboard their ship heading back into space. They bring Rowan back to life and unlucky them, Jason also comes back with one thing on his mind and that's murder. A group of soldiers are also on board paid to babysit the students. They try going up against Jason and fail. Finally the students and Rowan must team up to stay alive. After robot KM-14 kicks his ass Rowan mistakenly kicks Jason into a healing pod where his flesh fuses with metal making him Uber Jason! In the end Jason is knocked out of the ship and burns up in Earth 2's atmosphere as his hockey mask falls into a lake. It appears as if Jason Voorhess has gone on his last killing spree.

Pinhead went to space in Hellraiser: Bloodlines. The Leprechaun also had a killing spree in space in Leprechaun 4, so why not send everyone's favorite hockey mask killer to that big black unknown as well. The plot finds an old school Jason being brought back in the future and starting up his old killing ways only to have future technology transform him into a half flesh-half metal Uber Jason. It's as fellow reviewer Juliet said, "it's Star Trek meets Friday the 13th!" It has a very silly plot that is played super tongue in cheek and super cheesy on purpose. Jason is once again played by Kane Hodder, his final time in the role. Once more he is cold, powerful and a stone cold killer. His look as classic Jason is once again more humanoid then zombie, and as Uber Jason he more like Hulk Hogan meets the Terminator. While that's kind of cool, give me good old classic Jason. The film has some over the top kills that includes impaling, shattering faces, knives into flesh and even beating someone in a sleeping bag against a tree. The acting feels like a bad sci-fi TV show, and most cast members over act. This helps add to the already silliness of this film. Melyssa Ade who plays one of the students is stunning and almost has a Tara Reid look and sound to her, but unlike Reid she seems as if she has class and grace. The film also has a great soundtrack that mixes future sci-fi and classic Friday the 13th score. This is a mediocre film at best but even with all its flaws, this is one fun dumb film that kept this reviewer entertained every time he has watched. While I know this sequel was very unpopular with the fans, I for one think that it gets a bum wrap. People went in wanting a classic Friday slasher and instead they got a schlocky sci-fi flick that's filled to the brim with cheese.

Extras include commentary, a documentary about the many faces of Jason that has the legend Joe Bob Briggs on it, Making of Jason X, Jump to a Death Scene and original trailer. This is all fun stuff to keep this Friday the 13th lasting a little longer.

This marked the end of the Friday The 13th original storyline (not counting Freddy vs. Jason, which is the real last film in the series), and its sad to think that this is the way his solo original work ended. While it's a fun and silly film, it's a terrible way to end the first run franchise. It's worth a watch and rent for sure and a buy if it's under $6.00. Next up is the remake/reboot to the series.