Film Review - Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday

Starring - John D. LeMay, Kari Keegan, Kane Hodder, Erin Gray, Steven Culp, Allison Smith | Directed by Adam Marcus | New Line DVD WS R/Unrated 88/91 min 2002

Review By Xmortis

Jason Voorhees is back after the events of part 8 and stalking a young woman who happens to be at Crystal Lake. To Jason's surprise, it's a set up, and a government team uses a bomb to blow his rotten corpse to kingdom come. When a coroner looks at Jason's remains, he finds that the killer's heart is still beating and calls to him to eat it. After the chow down, we find out that the spirit of Jason has placed itself in the coroner's body and is on a bloody path back to Crystal Lake. Steven wants to patch things up with his one time girlfriend Jessica for their child's sake and has a planed meeting with her mom late one night. When she is murdered he is blamed. Creighton Duke is also in town. He's a no good bounty hunter who, for a large fee, keeps saying he can kill Jason once and for all. After her mother's death Jessica returns to town with her new boyfriend Robert from the TV show American Casefile. Meanwhile Steven is sitting in jail waiting to be cleared where he meets Creighton who spills the beans to him about Jason's body jumping. After Steven escapes jail he must find proof that Jason's still alive and must find a way to prove to Jessica he's innocent and that she is the only one who has the power to truly kill Jason. In the end Jason is re-born, and Jessica and Steven must face the ultimate killer. The end finds Jason going to hell and another icon of horror with a razor figured glove taking him there.

This is the worst film of the original series. The remake is the only one in the franchise that's worse. The films is silly and is The Hidden meets Friday the 13th as a weird demon jumps from body to body in order for the evil Jason to be reborn. Throw in a romantic twist with a couple who are at odds and add one crazy bounty hunter and you have Jason Goes to Hell. The film is filled with some wicked gore that is sure to please as jaws are mashed in skulls, people melt into goo, bodies are ripped in half and hearts are eaten. While this is all well done, the terrible plot kills even the good special effects. Kane Hodder plays Jason Voorhees for the third time, and while he knows the role this is the least impressive look to the character as he is a huge bloated man with a huge head. Plus we hardly see the real Jason as he jumps from body to body throughout the film. Not to mention part 8 left him in New York's sewer system a little boy being washed away by toxic waste, so how the hell is he back at Crystal Lake weighing 400 pounds? It should also be noted that this is first of the New Line Cinema Friday the 13th films after they bought the rights to Jason from Paramount. Wow, did they ever fumble with this outing by changing the very core of what Jason and a Friday the 13th film really is, a no brain slasher film, not some supernatural bullstuff. It was a nice touch that they had John D. LeMay from the Friday the 13th TV series play Steven, the hero. It was also nice to see the Book of the Dead from the Evil Dead series have a cameo, making you wonder if Jason is a deadite. The film is filled with gore, boobs and an iconic killer but even with these elements, this film is still a giant golden turkey any way you slice it. I should note that I watched and reviewed the unrated print. It just seemed like the print that they wanted us to see.

The DVD has both rated and unrated versions of the film, commentary, original trailer, jump to a death scene and alternative scenes used on the TV print of the film. The widescreen print of the film looks great as does the cover that is the poster used in theaters.

While this film is terrible and is one giant pimple on the franchise, it still holds a small amount of charm in that fact it was the ninth film in the series and marked the first in the New Line Cinema years. If you're a fan of the series it's worth a rent or a cheap buy.