Film Review - An Introduction to Scientology

With L. Ron Hubbard | ClearSound DVD FF Not Rated 1966 51min

Review By Joker

This interview is designed to give insight into the practice of Scientology and is presented by the founder himself, L. Ron Hubbard. This is the only interview the sci-fi author ever gave, and it took place in 1966.

Hubbard talks about how he came to the realization that scientology is really the true religion. He talks about what he believes people are and how they came about, citing that he has studied all types of man from tribes to civilized city dwellers. Hubbard claims that in his religion is different from others because it allows people to be who they want to be. He also claims that Scientology can raise the I.Q of its followers! While plugging his books, Hubbard says that Scientology can help cure illness, and that he makes no money. In fact, he loses money by putting it up to further his research. He talks about life after death and says that in the end, Scientology can give you the answers to better yourself. Hubbard tries to sell Scientology in the same way that he tried to sell his books. The scrolling text at the end drives a hard sale by saying that Scientology works; a very tall order indeed.

Wow! This is one long interview from an author who truly believes in the religion he created. The interviewer is very dull and drags the interview down. The production is very bland, but the picture is very clear for the age.

The only extras on the DVD are the language tracks. The DVD comes with a booklet that tells the history of Hubbard and the Scientology. The DVD cover looks like a book cover with a huge picture of Hubbard.

Overall, I don’t agree with Scientology or think that it’s a true religion, but the interview is interesting to watch as a documentary. Watch if you choose, but remember that L. Ron Hubbard also wrote Battlefield Earth!