Film Review - Horrible

Starring - George Eastman, Annie Belle, Charles Borromel, Katya Berger | Directed by Joe D'Amato | MYA DVD LB Not Rated 94min 1981

Review By Xmortis

This film has many different titles such as Zombie 6, Grim Reaper 2, Rosso Sangue, Anthropophagus 2, Monster Hunter and Absurd! But what ever you want to call it, you can't change the fact that it's one of U.K's Video Nasties and one strange Halloween rip off film from the heart of Italy. Warning: this review does have spoilers, so read on of your own free will.

Mikos Stenopolis is a man who cannot be killed because his blood coagulates super fast, and after an accident leaves him disemboweled he is taken to the hospital. Meanwhile the police pick up a Greek priest who seems to be wandering the streets. When the priest lies to the police and shows up at the hospital, Mikos awakens in a rage, kills a nurse and escapes into the night. The cops think that the priest is in on this horrific crime and question him, but with the help of the doctor who operated on Mikos, he is able to tell the true story: that Mikos is a walking, killing genetic freak. While walking the streets Mikos kills anyone he sees and with brutal fury. The two cops and the priest can't get any help from other officers due to a big football game that leaves them short handed and running low on time to stop this killer on the loose. Emily is a young woman who is babysitting a young girl with a terrible spine injury (Katia) and a spoiled brat boy named Willy for a rich doctor and his wife. When Mikos shows up, Emily is burned alive in a stove then stabbed. Katia must overcome her handicap and fight for her brother's life and her own against the crazed Mikos. She blinds the brute with a drawing canvas and takes a final stand when the priest enters the house and himself becomes the target of Mikos' rage. Finally to save herself and the Priest, Katia makes a stand with an axe and lops the head off of her would-be killer. The film ends with her parents, Willy and the cops showing up to the house as Katia offers them Mikos' head.

This is an average horror film with very slow and lackluster pacing that brings it down a few notches from being a solid good horror film, but the last 10 minutes of the film as Katia battles and hides from the blind killer is pure 80's Italian cinema at its best. The film, while slow, does deliver some great chilling moments that are worth the time you put into watching it. The film is about a wild man who had experiments done to him and goes on a rampage killing anyone who he deems to become a victim. All the while the short handed cops are teaming with an outsider priest to track and stop the rampage that is heading toward a home with a disabled teen girl, her brother and a babysitter. Sound kind of like another low budget horror film? Yep, it's a lot like John Carpenters 1978 masterpiece Halloween, but I won't harp on that because while the movies are similar in spots, Horrible still is its own movie. The gore is cheaper looking than Anthropophagous, and to be honest the film really is not a bloodbath as you might think. In fact the most painful scene to watch is when the babysitter is put head first into a lit oven, and her flesh blisters and turns purple. Most of the other kills are pretty low budget like the meat house worker scene; you can tell the saw is far from his head making the effect..well, less effective. The film is by no means a sequel to Anthropophagous nor the Zombi film series and is pretty much a stand alone film. The only tie it has to Anthropophagous is that it was directed by Joe D'Amato and stars George Eastman who also spills his guts in the film, but sadly doesn't eat them this time around. George Eastman once more has no lines but grunts and screams his way to another classic performance. Eastman really was an icon in Italian cinema in my book. The rest of the acting is okay but dubbed so you don't really get to hear any of them truly shine. Horrible is one of those films that you may not watch more then a handle full of times but if you're a fan of Anthropophagous or the Zombi films you might want to pick this one up for your collection.

The DVD is pretty barebones with a few trailers, and to be honest the cover art is pretty terrible and bland as you can see. The film is presented in a letterbox format and helps keep the drive-in feel.

While this is by no means in the same league as Anthropophagus, it is a fun slow paced splatter film that shows that Italy can also make slasher films like Halloween. It's worth a watch and possibly a cheap buy.