Film Review - Hellraiser: Revelations

Starring - Steven Brand, Nick Eversman, Tracy Fairaway, Steven Smith Collins | Directed by Victor Garcia | Dimension DVD WS R 75min 2010

Review By Xmortis

The powerful Puzzle Box is back in my hands leaving me with the newest in the series, the ninth film entitled Hellraiser: Revelations. How will this "return" of Pinhead go? Let's find out.

Steven and Nico are best friends on a road trip looking for pleasure and a wild time. On the journey they take a video journal, but to their misfortune they open the infamous puzzle box and unleash Pinhead. Emma is Steven's sister and Nico's girlfriend, and she wants to get to the bottom of their disappearance. When Steven shows back up near death, he speaks of the evil cenobites coming for souls. But not all is what it seems with Steven as Pinhead alongside a female Chatterer and Pseudo (a new cenobite) come to collect on that what they are owed. Who will spend a lifetime with Pinhead? Who will live and what is Steven's dirty little secret?

The first thing you will notice when watching this film is the fact it looks extremely cheap and almost seems as if it's a better shot fan-made film. The other thing is that Doug Bradley is no longer the horror icon Pinhead and Steven Smith Collins is. The film's story is about a family that has members missing, who have fallen victim to Pinhead and the Cenobites leaving them a mystery. It also follows Pinhead and his new disciple Pseudo, a new soulless Cenobite who is ready to rip souls apart. The film looks like a college fan film and has very little sets with the Craven home being the main. The rest look like really dated stock sets. The film is a mix of found footage, horror and drama and for the most part just chugs along never really building up any scares or pace. The storyline is weak and it's clear it's just flung together so that Dimension could keep the rights to the series. The acting is okay with Tracy Fairaway, who played Emma, being one of the best. Steven Smith Collins looks like a poor man's version of Pinhead, and worse he has another actor do the voice. Even that sounds all wrong. This Pinhead is a mess and looks more like a cheap Halloween outfit then the badass horror icon. When will Hollywood learn you just can't replace the actors who made these characters iconic. The film's effects are pretty good with skinless people and hook mutilations that all look surprisingly well given the fact it's clear no real money was used to make this film. The film has a short runtime, and Pinhead only really has screen time in one major scene as the rest of the time he is shown in flashes or in tiny speaking moments. Over all this is a poor film that makes me wonder when Dimension will get their act together and make a good Hellraiser film with Doug Bradley and Clive Barker onboard. I say this is one fans of the series will want to skip.

The DVD's only special features are deleted scenes and a lot of them. It would have been nice to get a commentary track to see what the director, cast and crew thought of this film.

It's sad that an inconic horror series gets this type of treatment from the people who own it. I mean Rob Zombie got to reboot the Halloween franchise (even though it didn't need to be), but for some reason instead of getting real writers and making a good solid sequel they decided to go as cheap as possible and run the Hellraiser series even deeper into the ground. Hellraiser: Revelations is a poor film with no real direction and no real heart making this one of the worst in the series and a major disappointment to this reviewer. This would be worth a rent or a watch on cable for diehard fans of the series only. All others will want to skip it.

With this 9th and (as of 2011) final film in the series, it's time to retire the Puzzle Box on the shelf along side Freddy's Glove, Dracula's Cape, Leatherface's Chainsaw, Frankenstein's Bolts, Toulon's Puppets, Jason's Hockey Mask and all the other iconic series we have reviewed this far. Keep your eyes open for more series reviews on The Howling, Children of the Corn, Hammer Frankenstein & Dracula and many more. Thanks for going to hell with us and Happy Halloween to you all!