Film Review - Hellraiser: Hellworld

Staring - Lance Henriksen, Doug Bradly, Kathryn Winnick, Christopher Jacot | Directed by Rick Bota | Dimension DVD WS R 95 min 2005

Review By The Baron

Five hardcore internet gamers are invited to a special party thrown by the web site Hellworld. After the death of one of their closest friends and fellow gamer, they are about to endure a night of unspeakable terror they believed only existed in cyber space.

I am a huge fan of this franchise, and I love just about every one of these movies to a point, except this one. I was just left wondering why at the end of this film. We start off with these five gamers who just lost their friend to a game called Hellworld. Sounds pretty cool, right? Think again!! This movie is doomed from the very beginning when you see the cast. Now don't get me wrong, the main actress is very attractive but a terrible actor. All of the "acting" in this film is just plain bad (except for Lance Henriksen, the only reason this film did not get a half star). The set, The Leviathan House, is cool but not used properly, and the storyline could have been decent but they tried too hard and put a stupid twist that ruined the entire movie for me. All of the kill scenes were super unoriginal, and the gore effects were sub-par to the other films. Some of the gore was clearly computer animated and not even good computer animation. I am talking like SyFy channel movies bad. The soundtrack was lame as well. It was pretty much just the same track looping through the entire movie. There are hardly any extras (probably because no one cared enough to come back to do any). and Pinhead's lines, while they could have been epic in parts, come off as super cheesy. The back of the box, once again, tries to mislead you, this time with the pictures. They show the conjoined guys from part four on the back of the box, but they are not in the movie at all. I think that is actually a picture from Hellraiser: Bloodline. Looking at the back of the box for Bloodline you can clearly see that it is from that movie, just cropped differently. Wow, they didn't even care enough to take some still frames from their own movie. They just stole it from Hellraiser: Bloodline. This movie is terrible do not waste your time with this one. Go and pick up Hellraiser: Bloodline instead. It is a far more superior film to this lack of an effort, wanna be, Hellraiser title. The worst part of it all is that Rick Bota directed this one also, along with Hellseeker and Deader, I just don't know what happen with this one. He has talent that he showed in Deader especially, but he didn't even try on this waste.

Extras include Ticket to Hellworld: a behind-the-scenes look, feature commentary by director Rick Bota, writer Joel Soisson, special makeup effects designer Gary J. Tunnicliffe and executive producer Nick Phillps

All and all this movie is horrible, and it is a shame they call it Hellraiser. I would not recommend this for a rent or buy unless you are a completest like myself or if you like Lance Hendriksen a lot (he was excellent as always, even in this waste of film). But do not waste your money on buying this, rent it if you can find it cheap to rent and leave it at that.