Film Review - Hellraiser: Hellseeker

Starring - Dean Winters, Ashley Laurence, Doug Bradley | Directed by Rick Bota | Dimension DVD WS R 89 min 2002

Review By The Baron

In this newest installment of Hellraiser, we are met with Kirsty Cotton (Hellraiser I, II, III) and her new boyfriend Trevor. After a car accident that leaves Trevor with amnesia and Kristy missing, Trevor is thrust into a terrifying new reality where anything is possible and Pinhead is the ringmaster. Haunted by crazed women and a very suspicious friend, will Trevor find Kristy and when or if he does will it be to late! Find out in this latest sequel, Hellraiser: Hellseeker.

When we first open up with this movie, I must admit I was quite excited to see Ashley Laurence back. I just didn't realize how badly they would use her in this film. The movie is quite slow in parts and there will be a few moments where you might find yourself knotting off a little bit. But that is not to say the movie is horribly terrible or anything but it is slow, to say the least. The lighting and sound is very good, the acting is on par with the other sequels in this franchise, the settings and extra characters are interesting and notable and the gore effects are decent, when there are any, which there is not a whole lot. There are a few extras on the disc but nothing out standing unless you like commentary. The Pinhead character is used very little and has very small talking parts that kind of leaves you wanting more. The plot and story is very similar to Hellraiser: Inferno, but not nearly as well thought out or executed. Also, I must point out that the back of the box is completely miss leading so do not read it and think this movie is going to have a lot to do with Ashley Laurence. The hole movie revolves around the Trevor character and Kristy has very little scenes. This is definitely not one of the best in the series and is possibly one of the worst, but for fans, such as myself, you'll want this one for your collection.

Extras are feature commentary with director Rick Bota, alternate scenes with director's commentary and Visual Effects Walk Through with Jamison Goei.

This is a decent movie for a rent if you like the Hellraiser series. If you love the series, like I do, it is a buy worthy addition to your collection.