Review by Matthew


The Ghostbusters are back in full swing! You play as a new recruit who joins Ray Stanz, Peter Venkmen, Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddmore on a new adventure that has you looking into a rash of new ghosts that are haunting New York during Thanksgiving of 1991. The key to the events is Ivo Shandor, an architect who designed lots of buildings around the city and was a Gozer supporter who used his powers to bring forth another destructor from the other side. Business is booming as old favorites like Slimer, The Grey Lady and Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man all must be busted again. Along the way Mayor Jack Mulligan appoints uptight asshole Walter Peck to watch all your on-goings to try and keep the Ghostbusters in order. But when Dr. Ilyssa Selwyn, a museum curator for the Gozer exhibit, is kidnapped, the busters must travel to the ghost world to get her back and to stop the Collector's evil plot to merge the two worlds.

Game Play ________________________________________________________________________

It's pretty simple to learn, and the game gives you tons of tips on how do any and all of your actions. Busting ghosts is simple and at first is pretty great. A feeling of nostalgia rushes over you, but after the 30th or so time it starts to loose its charm. The movement is nothing special. The left toggle is what makes you move about, but at time it does feel sluggish and can make for some undeserved damage to your character. The rest of your actions, like I said, are pretty much explained to you over the course of the game. The most unforgivable part of this game is all the bugs that freeze up your game play, making you restart the same levels over and over. Now I know most games have bugs, but this is just plain infested with them! Not only does it freeze, but at times the other Ghostbusters who are suppose to be helping you on the mission just stand around or in some cases run in place and give you no help during big battles. I heard that the PS3 and Xbox 360 have some bugs but not nearly as many as the PS2 version.

Graphics ________________________________________________________________________

While this is nothing new, the use of neon colors in the game adds for an eye-catching play. The Ghostbusters themselves look like cartoon versions of the actors and are very much over done and goofy looking. The ghosts also look like Saturday morning cartoons and have a nice kid friendly appeal to them. The backgrounds range from super cool to just mediocre and bland, with the graveyard being the most memorable level for me. Over all the game's graphics are mediocre at best, but it does have its charm that makes it a B on the PS2 graphics report card.

Sound _______________________________________________________________________

The sound in the game is perfect. The voice acting from the entire original cast adds an amazing feel to it, as do the sounds of the movie. When you fire your proton beam at a slimy ghost, it sounds like it did in the films! The soundtrack is also great with all original music from the hit movies. So the sound would get an A+, and that's good for a game that was based on a movie franchise.

Overview ________________________________________________________________________

This game had so much potential and it does live up to some of it with some fun moments and a good story line. What makes this would-be 3 or 4 star game a mere 2 is all the bugs that they did nothing to fix that drag it down and add for some really pissy moments for the gamer who will have to replay levels three or four times before it would let you go on. While I played this game for this review, I couldn't count how many times this thing froze or how many times the sound dropped out, but it was enough to piss me off! With this said, the game was a fun play, and I did stay glued to see how it was going to end so that says something about its storyline. With a cheap release price ($19.99) and a good used price ($4.99 at Game Swap), this is one of those games you should play if you can have patience for the bugs, but I would say track it down used and sit back and have a good blast from the past.