Film Review - Friday the 31st

Starring - Jonathan Ellis, Mar Omega, Niki Notarile, Airon Armstrong, Rich Myles, Nicole Abisinio | Directed by Chris .R. Notarile | Blinky DVD-R WS Not Rated 22min 2005

Review By Xmortis

I would like to note that the star ratings that Bloodline Video gives for fan films and no budget films are on a different scale than they are for bigger budget B-films and Hollywood blockbusters. Would it really be fair to hold a film like this against the original Friday the 13th? We don't think so either.

John Tate and his girlfriend Sarah are at the grave of Laurie Strode. John is leaving for California never to return to Haddonfield again, but he is being watched by his uncle Michael Myers who is following him. John stops in Crystal Lake to get gas as deep in the woods Tommy Jarvis and Chera are in the middle of a cat and mouse game with Jason Voorhees. John and Sarah make the mistake of stopping at the house Tommy is held up in, and together they share stories of the bogeymen that haunt them. But when Jason comes knocking, Tommy and John must team up to slow him down as the ladies try to escape but are also out of luck as they are being stalked by Michael Myers. After Tommy is hurt and Chera is dead, the icons of slasher films fight one another with brutal fury. As Sarah helps the injured Tommy get away John gets in his car and runs down both killers and flings them into Crystal Lake where both sink to the bottom. Later in another state, the body of Michael Myers washes up and he awakens and kills two hikers.

This is a fun fan made film that mixes Halloween H20 and the Friday the 13th series, and while some parts of the film don't work, most of it does. The film has some special effects that are better than most backyard films. The gore is kept very low but when used it works. The soundtrack is great and is used like a professional film, but the lighting in this fan film is terrible in spots and is so dark it hides the action. The fight between the two icons, while fun, is still your typical better trained back yard fighting action complete with speed up hits. Rich Myles plays Jason Voorhees and while the costume is not bad, Jason for some reason looks like brown make up was smeared into the mask causing him to almost look discolored, and is way to bulky and stiff. Airon Armstrong played Michael Myers and has some of "The Shapes" movements down, but the mask ,while good, is clearly a store bought replica that fill Halloween shops shelves. The last casting I will talk about is Niki Notarile who plays Sarah. She is a good little actress and is very attractive. I would like to see her in some horror films in the future. The rest of the acting is well done for none trained actors. The script also does a nice job of keeping it going and wrapping things up in a nice 22 minute package. The major downside to this fan film is the way Jason and Michael's fight ends with John running them down in his car and flinging them into the lake. I mean really, both unstoppable icons of horror taken down by a car and some water seems a little silly. But over all this is a great fan film that pays tribute to both the Friday the 13th and Halloween franchises and makes for an enjoyable watch.

This DVD-R has a few extras that include motion menus, a few more fan films, trailers and a photo gallery. The cover also is pretty sweet as you can see, the down side seems that the DVD has started to get DVD Rot!

Overall I wanted to at least review one fan made Friday the 13th film, and with LBP's Friday the 13th Halloween Night never making it to DVD, I chose this great little flick to represent the huge world of films that are made based on Jason. And with Freddy vs. Jason being used on our look at the A Nightmare on Elm Street films, I just thought a film where Jason took on Michael Myers was just right. If you like independent films, fan made horror flicks, Friday the 13th and a fun plot then check out this DVD from Blinky Films.