Film Review - Friday The 13th Part VII - The New Blood

Starring - Kane Hodder, Lar Park-Lincoln, Terry Kiser, Staci Greason | Directed by John Carl | Paramount DVD WS R 88min 1988

Review By Xmortis

The film opens with a brief history lesson about the legend of Jason and shows clips from the past six films including his death at the bottom of the lake at the hands of Tommy Jarvis in part six before we get the open credits. Tina Shepard is a teenage girl with very special telekinesis powers that in her younger years accidentally lead her drunk father to an early death on Camp Crystal Lake's dock. Now as a teenager, her mother and her doctor (Crews) take Tina back to the cabin by the lake to help her deal with her powers and the death of her father. Next-door is a bunch of teens (Nick, Robin, Melissa, Sondra, Eddie, Russell, Maddy, David, Dan, Judy, Ben and Kate) who are all on vacation trying to have a fun time. Tina, who's very upset, makes a huge mistake and brings Jason back from the bottom of the lake, thinking it was her father. The hockey masked killer is free again to make some teens lives shorter, and he does just that to Michael and Jane. Nick comes over and invites Tina to a birthday party for his cousin (Michael, who's dead), and she meets all the weird friends of her new crushes including Melissa a snobby bitch who dislikes Tina from the start. While at the party she has visions of Michael's death at the hands of Jason. Like before Jason hunts the teens down one by one killing them more brutally then the next. Tina fights with dealing with Dr. Crews who is trying to make her think she's losing her mind, Nick who is wanting to get to know her and Melissa who torments her about being in an asylum. Jason is killing more teens, thinning out the herd for the slaughter and making Tina more and more sure that in fact there is a killer on the loose. Dr. Crews is found out to be a bad man who's been using Tina's power for his own gain. When her mother finds this out, Crews threatens to put Tina away again for good. Tina steals a car and wrecks when she has a vision of her mother's death. She heads back to the cabin as Jason is still knocking off her teen neighbors. Tina and Nick piece it together from Crew's notes that it was Jason Voorhees that she brought from the bottom of the lake and rush to save what's left of the friends, as Crews and her mother are still in the woods looking for her. Jason also kills Tina's mother with the help of the coward Dr. Crews who also gets his with a huge power saw. After Tina fights Jason the first time, Melissa is killed, and Nick and Tina must face the full fury of Jason Voorhees. In the end Tina uses her full powers on Jason to save Nick, ripping his famed mask off and setting him ablaze. But it's the sprit of her dead father that saves the couple from an untimely death and pulls Jason back into the lake where he belongs.

It's Jason Voorhees fighting Carrie in this seventh installment to the highly popular Friday the 13th series. The story is great with young Tina being tormented by her special power that lead to the death of her father, using this power on the un-stoppable killing machine Jason who for once is man handled by the power of mind. Jason kills the teens in this one with all types of sharp items, crushing skulls, party favor through the brain, ax to the head and even beats one to death against a tree while she is in a sleeping bag. This marks the first time horror icon Kane Hodder stepped into the costume and also marked the greatest look for Jason in the whole series! The way that he looks like a rotten corpse complete with spinal cord showing is super sweet. The character of Tina Shepard is quite good and really is a Carrie like super charged young lady with a whole lot of guts. The film's surprise ending of the ghost dad coming to save the day makes you scratch your head and why he was still at the bottom of the lake several years after his death. I mean come on, a ghost of a drunken father takes down Jason! The film was cut in the gore department, and it shows in most death scenes. That said, we still get a lot of carnage. The film is well shot and the night scenes well lit. The down side is the editing that was used to chop out the graphic violence comes off sloppy in spots. Over all this is a good sequel even if it does have a silly plot that pits Jason against a powerful mind warping teen.

The DVD extras on this Special Edition DVD are commentary, a making of featurette, deleted scenes, a look at telekinesis, a make over for two of the films female co-stars. All are worth a watch and add to the whole Friday the 13th legend.

I like this film even though a lot of diehard Friday fans don't. I think the overly goofy plot and the sweet Jason costume make this a must view for horror fans. It's worth a buy in this collector's edition.