Film Review - Friday The 13th part VI - Jason Lives

Starring - Thom Mathews, Jennifer Cooke, C.J. Graham, David Kagen, Renee Jones, Kerry Noonan | Directed by Tom McLoughlin | Paramount DVD WS R 87min 1986

Review By Xmortis

Tommy Jarvis and his friend Hawes are driving to the cemetery so that Tommy can dig up Jason and make sure the masked killer that has haunted him (for two other films) is really dead. He digs up the killer and stabs the corpse with a metal rod but when a bolt of lightning strikes, Jason lives once more killing Hawes and sending Tommy to flee for help that he doesn't find in local Sheriff Mike Garris and Deputy Rick Colone who think Tommy's crazy and lock him up for the night. Meanwhile Jason is on his way back to Crystal Lake, re-named Forest Green, and is killing anyone who gets in is way including the two main counselors at the soon re-opened camp. Megan Garris is daughter of the sheriff and one of the new camp counselors and gets a look at Tommy who is being escorted out of town. Jason meanwhile is still hacking people up including all the rest of the counselors at the camp. In the end the police along with Tommy (who the cops still think is a copycat killer) and Megan must stand face to hockey mask in a final showdown that leaves Jason once more at the bottom of the lake ending the nightmare once more...or not?!

This is one the most silly of the sequels, and the best part is that it's meant to be fun and not so serious. This time around Tommy Jarvis is played by Thom Mathews and is more of a badass, take charge kind of guy then he was in the lack luster part five. He wants to fight Jason and does not have a weak will. Jennifer Cooke plays Megan Garris, and while she is nothing special as an actress, as a teen I remember crushing on her big time. C.J. Graham puts on the hockey mask to play Jason for the first and last time, and while he's not the best Jason he is a good Jason for this film. Jason's look has changed big time since we last saw him way back in part four. He is dead with gray skin and wears brown work gloves. Not as scary and bulky as a Kane Hodder's Jason, but a good Jason over all. In fact everyone on the cast seemed to be in on the fun nature of the film and put in just the right amount of overdone charm in their performances. The gore is trimmed in spots and for the most part is nothing too gory. I think the heart being ripped out of Hawes in the start of the film is the most gore filled moment. That said, it does have the red stuff throughout and lots of limbs being hacked off. The film's soundtrack is great and showcases some killer Alice Cooper tunes like "He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)" and "Teenage Franekenstein" mixed with a great music score. Over all this could be one of my favorite films in the series and in some circles it's very underrated.

The DVD like the rest in this collectors series is loaded with some great extras that include deleted scenes, Meet Jason's Father done with comic art, commentary, original trailer, the making of, The Crystal Lake Massacres revisited part 3, Lost Tales of Camp Blood part 6 and a preview for another Paramount release. All but the last are a fun watch/listen.

This really is a great mix of horror and humor and can hold its own with any over rated zombie comedy. If you want a fun Friday the 13th film filled with gore, comedy and Alice Cooper music then this is for you. It's worth a buy for sure and is one of the best sequels in the Friday the 13th franchise.