Film Review - Friday the 13th Part V- A New Beginning

Starring - Melanie Kinnaman, John Shepherd, Shavar Ross, Dick Wieand | Directed by Danny Steinmann | Paramount DVD WS R 92min 1985

Review By Xmortis

The film opens with a young Tommy Jarvis walking in the woods as the rain pours around him. He reaches his destination, the grave of the killer Jason Voorhees, the man he "killed" in the last film. But he is not alone as two teens show up and dig up the grave to get a look at Jason's rotten corpse. Big mistake as the hockey masked killer awakens and kills the teens with his trusty machete. As he is about to kill Tommy, we learn that is only a dream as Tommy Jarvis has grown up and finds himself on the way to Pinehurst, a home for the mentally ill. Pam Robert,s one of the senior staff members, takes him to see the doctor who fills him in on the rules of the house. He also meets Reggie, a young boy who's grandfather works in the kitchen and starts up a semi-friendship with him. The house does have some enemies like redneck family Ethel and her son Junior who hate the fact that nuts live next door to them. When Joey, a fat annoying patient, is murdered by another patient named Vic, it sets off a rash of murders committed by a hockey masked killer with the same brutality and randomness of the Jason Voorhees. This also sets off Tommy's visions of Jason and his murder of that famed killer. One by one patients and townspeople meet their end in various ways that include axe, hedge clippers, flares, head crushing, spears and good old knife stabbings. After a run in with Junior, Tommy goes missing and the murders keep happening. Even the redneck neighbors fall prey to the killer's bloodlust. As Pam goes looking for Tommy, the killer enters the house and kills off all the remaining staff and teens leaving Reggie the only survivor! As Pam gets home, she and Reggie discover the bodies and are hunted down by the killer. Is it Jason? Tommy? Or is it someone else? Well in the end Pam and Reggie hold up in a barn and are cornered by the killer, only for Tommy to show up and try to save the day. In the end Reggie knocks the killer off the top of the barn and Tommy chops his hand off and he falls on some spiked farm equipment and reveals he was one of the paramedics who picked up Joey's body. You see, he was Joey's dad and seeing his son dead drove him crazy. In the end,Tommy is in the hospital and puts on the hockey mask and escapes into the night, leaving it open to be that he is now the Camp Crystal Lake Killer.

This film is bad, but in a good way. The plot is silly and slightly dumb with a copy-cat Jason being the killer when we all really want the true Jason killing anyone dumb enough to enter his woods. The twist of it being Roy the paramedic who is Joey's dad was pretty easy to spot when they kept showing him and his cold stares. The deaths also seem a little lame and appear to be very much trimmed in the red stuff department. Speaking of lame, it took some balls for Paramount to make a Friday The 13th film without Jason. You would think after Halloween III's backlash, they wouldn't have tried this move but they did. A lot of characters also really don't have any meaning. In most Friday or even slasher films, you can identify with at least one of the future victims, but I didn't feel a bond with any of these characters. The positives are that in the dream sequence at the start of the film, they have a young Cory Feldman back as Tommy. The second thing is all the girls are pretty hot and there is enough nudity to make horror fans happy. For me the film has one line that will forever live in my vocabulary and it's "Damn Enchiladas." Over all this film is one of the weakest sequels in the Friday series but is one that is a dumb fun watch, with bad characters, terrible dialogue and a fake Jason. Watch this mess of a film at your own risk, if you take the chance I am sure you won't be sorry.

This Deluxe Edition DVD has some great extras like cast and crew commentary, three featurettes, the original trailer and a preview. The DVD cover is pretty sweet with its motion capture of Fake Jason's mask over the nut house.

If you like Friday The 13th sequels, slasher films or who done it films that are super easy to figure out, then this film is for you. Horror film collectors should buy this edition and replace that crappy first release. All others should rent it or catch it on cable.