Film Review - Friday The 13th IV: The Final Chapter

Starring - Kimberly Beck, Peter Barton, Crispin Glover, Ted White, Corey Feldman, Camilla More | Directed by Joseph Zito | Paramount DVD WS R 91min 1984

Review By Xmortis

Jason Vorhees is thought to be dead after the events of the third film. His body is taken to the morgue where he wakes up and kills his way back to his home at Crystal Lake. Mrs. Jarvis is a single mom who lives by Crystal Lake with her teenage daughter Trish and her young son Tommy (a video game, electronic wiz who makes Halloween masks). The house next door has just been rented by a group of teens on vacation. Rob is a hiker who is staying in the woods and seems very interested in finding out who is staying in the area. He's got a secret that makes Jason number one on his hit list. But once Jason shows back up, the teenagers start dropping like flies as he stabs and hacks his way through them. Jason finally attacks the Jarvis family killing the mother dead and leaving Trish and Tommy to fight for their lives with the help of Rob. In the end Rob is unable to get his revenge and when Jason is about to make pulled pork out of Trish, Tommy hacks Jason to death with his own machete, ending the killers blood spree once and for all, or so we think. The film closes with Tommy almost seeming like he might now take up the mantel of killing at the camp.

This fourth film really was meant to be the final installment for the franchise. So they really went for broke when they killed Jason, but the fans and the box office wanted more. So they tried to keep the series alive with many more sequels. This time around Jason comes back and meets his match in Tommy Jarvis, a strange young boy who is pushed too far when his family is in danger. This is the first film to feature Tommy Jarvis, who would become Jason's rival in two other films. In this one he is played by Corey Feldman who surprisingly does a great job as the nerdy kid who saves the day and kills the madman who is about to do his sister harm. Ted White plays Jason in this film and pretty much looks the same as Richard Brooker did in part three with only a few small changes. He does an alright job at being the killer and had the right build for that era of Jason. The greatest cast member in the film is one of my all time favorite actors, Crispin Glover, who plays Jimmy, a down on his luck guy who finds love only to get killed before he can enjoy it. Plus he has one of the most epic dance segments in any movie ever! In the gore department, this film is pretty high for the time, and while some kills are the same old same old, they at least came up with a few inventive ways to kill the teens using the classic knife or even a corkscrew keeping this one from feeling like a cheap cash in or rip off. The addition of a young man (Brad) who is in the woods looking for Jason after he killed one of his loved ones in a previous film, was such a cool idea that in 2009 they added it to the remake from Platinum Dunes. This also really does mark the death of the humanoid Jason and leads into the supernatural zombie Jason that spans from the sixth film on. Plus the film is filled with blood and boobs that should please any and all 80's slasher film fans. This film was the last solid sequel to the franchise that started downhill with part five and then peaked again with six only to slip back into cliche over the top plots with seven on. I'm not saying any of those are bad films, just that they lost some of the edge the early films had.

This Deluxe Edition DVD is packed with some kick ass extras that include commentary, Lost Tales From Camp Blood Part 4, deleted scenes, lost ending, trailers, a look at Jimmy's Dance Moves and so much more. These are great releases, and Paramount did the fans right with these editions.

This would have been a great closer to the series. It wrapped up everything really nicely and had Jason Voorhess killed off never to return. But I must say I am happy they decided to continue on no matter how bad some of the later sequels are. If you want a solid good Friday the 13th sequel that is loaded with blood and boobs and everyone's favorite hockey masked killer, then this is a must see, if not for those reasons then at least to see Crispin's Dance! Now let's see how part five does in keeping the films out of the one star zone.