Film Review - Friday the 13th Part 3

Starring - Dana Kimmell, Paul Kratka, Richard Brooker, Tracie Savage, Larry Zerner | Directed by Steve Miner | Paramount DVD WS R 95min 1982

Review By Xmortis

You just can't keep a good axe hacking killer down. Once more the bag headed Jason prowls Crystal Lake looking for another group of teens to kill. Chris Higgins is a young woman who has a secret that keeps her away from her family's farm in Crystal Lake. With the help of her semi-boyfriend Rick, she and a group of friends return to the farm for the summer to relax and to help her deal with her problems. Two years ago Chris was attacked by Jason but got away. This has scarred her for life. To make things worse some of her friends get into it with a biker gang at the local shop, and now they have it out for them as well. After one of the teens, who's a prankster, is killed, his Hockey Mask is taken starting the famed look for the killer known as Jason Voorhees. But when Jason starts killing, the teens nor the biker gang stand a chance against his cold blooded fury as one by one he kills them off in brutal ways. In the end Chris must come face to face with Jason and finally become the victim or put up the fight of her life. She decides to fight and cracks Jason upside the head with an ax and then hangs him from the barn.

Bloody kills and a techno beat mixed with 3D is what Friday the 13th Part 3 is all about, and I wouldn't have it any other way! This one takes place after the events of the second film and has Jason returning once more to stalk and kill any teens or people foolish enough to set foot in Crystal Lake. It follows a-would be victim's slip into facing the person who wished her harm. The film's gimmick at the time was that it's in 3D. While the effects are fun, they are very much outdated by today's standards of 3D, but it did bring moviegoers to the theater in back in 1982. The violence isn't overdone, and the effects are well done with such kills as a spear gun through the eye and an eye being popped out of a skull. This time around Richard Booker plays Jason, and like in part two, he is more of a mongoloid than the zombie he later became. This look is what classic Jason was all about, and the fact that this film marks the first time he wears the hockey mask makes it a key film in the series. Booker is more human in his movements and shows pain when Jason is hurt via body language. Dana Kimmell plays Chris Higgins, the hero of the film, and is super likable and super cute. Speaking of cute, most of the woman in this film are pretty hot with Tracie Savage (who is now a reporter) being the hottest to me. Back to Chris, the way she "kills" off Jason in this film will have you cheering for either her or Jason to finish the job. It really comes down to the wire and if you're a fan of the series, you might find yourself torn as to who to cheer for. While the plot is just going through the formula of parts one and two, it still has a charm to it that is helped out by the 3D effects, the great soundtrack and the sweet gore. While this film was slated to be the last, its box office draw kept it alive and made Paramount say okay we'll do one more (which ended up being four more for the company). I've always liked part three better then part two, and I think that's due to such shows as "Commander USA's Groovie Movies" showing me this film at an early age. Friday The 13th Part 3 might be slasher film trash but I like it more then most Hollywood mainstream films. If you like your Friday the 13th films with very little plot, hot girls, great soundtrack and enough gore and blood to fill your need to see violence, then part three is just what you need.

This Deluxe Edition DVD has a few extras and all are pretty sweet. It has both 2D and 3D prints of the film, some 3D glasses and the original trailer, a nice little tight package for a great classic horror flick. I do hate the covers on the whole Deluxe Edition series. They look cheap, and it would have been way cooler if they would have used the theatrical posters.

This great sequel in the series was originally supposed to wrap things up, but actually gave the franchise the look, pace and feel that it has carried on to this day. Fans of the series should already own this flick on DVD, Blu-Ray or even VHS and new fans should definitely check out this film to see how Jason got his hockey mask and what a good Friday the 13th film is. I say it's a must own!

The first time I ever owned this film was on VHS, and I got it from Renaissance Music, a now shuttered record store here in Dayton, Ohio. The store was owned by Geoff Burkman and was a great place to buy music and horror movie merchandise. I miss this place and nothing has ever came close to the kick ass nature of that store.