Film Review - Friday the 13th Part 2

Starring - Amy Steel, Steve Daskawisz, John Furey, Walt Gorney, Kirsten Baker, Adrienne King | Directed by Steve Miner | Paramount DVD WS R 87min 1981

Review By Xmortis

Alice Hardy is now back home and moving on with her life after the tragic events of the first movie, until she opens her fridge and finds the head of Pamela Voorhees and is killed by an unknown killer. Another camp site next to Camp Crystal Lake is about to open, and a new batch of consolers are pouring in. The camp classes are run by Paul and Ginny who are to train everyone once more in a re-fresh course. And of course Crazy Ralph is around warning everyone about Camp Blood and the curse of Jason. But guess what? He's right! Ralph and the police chief are the first to feel Jason's rage. Then one night as some of the counselors go to town, a rain storm hits and so does Jason as one by bloody one they fall victim to Jason's weapons. Ginny and Paul leave town early and come home to find that everyone is dead. It takes the quick mind of Ginny and the power of Paul to stop Jason. Really it's a combo of a machete and acting like his mother that stop the killer. Or does it?

This is a great follow up to a classic slasher flick and is the first film where we are treated to the brutal killings of Jason Voorhees. The story is that Jason is pissed off about the murder of his mother and after killing her murderer, he returns to Camp Crystal Lake where a new group of teens are targeted by his rage. The cool thing about this film is the way it connects the first film with the characters of Alice Hardy, Crazy Ralph and the head of Pamela Voorhees. Even if she is a terrible actress, it was nice seeing Adrienne King return as Alice in the opening. It was almost like seeing an old friend again. Steve Daskawisz plays the hooded Jason. While his look is primitive with overalls and a brown sack mask, it's his backwoods movements that make him scary. Plus Jaon's look reminds me of the phantom killer, the real life killer who inspired the film "The Town That Dreaded Sundown." Amy Steel is Ginny, the sweet yet wise cracking hottie who must come face to face with the mongoloid Jason, in order to get out of camp alive. The character of Ginny is likeable but sometimes with her smart ass attitude you find yourself hoping Jason gets her. Actress Kirsten Baker plays Terri. I have to point out that she has one of the best bodies in the Friday the 13th franchise history, and yes she gets naked. The film has a good amount of blood and gore with some brutal kills that include throat slits, claw hammers to the skull, hatchet to the face, spear through bodies and so many more. While it was clear that this film was flung into production to cash in on the success of the original film, it still has a charm that puts it on par with if not better than the original in some ways. I like how they keep Jason in the shadows for the most part and even do POV shots instead of just flat out showing him in all his glory. While they did this in the first one to keep you wondering who the killer was, in this one it's used to shock you when you finally do see the killers deformed face. Over all this is a solid follow up and in some ways surpasses the original.

This Deluxe Edition just like the others in the set is loaded with some kick ass extras that include original trailer, Lost Tapes from Crystal Lake part 2, Jason Forever, Inside Crystal Lake memories and a talk with actors who have played Jason at a convention.

This is a great follow up to the first film. It has all blood, boobs and a masked killer, all the stuff that was needed to make a great slasher film. This one's worth a buy for sure, and if you're a horror fan you should all ready own it. Bag head Jason is cool, but hockey mask Jason is epic, so read on for my review of Friday the 13th Part 3!