Film Review - Freddy vs. The Ghostbusters

Starring - J. Michael Weiss, Tim Johnson, Jason Cook, Bradley J. Roddy, Elizabeth Hogan | Directed by Hank Braxton | Braxtan Film DVD-R WS Not Rated 35min 2004

Review By Joker

Neil is a man who is plagued by nightmares of Freddy Kruger trying to kill him. Neil's roommate Chuck is no help, and his friend Nancy is trying to be supportive but nothing seems to help. Ed Spangler and friend Eugene O'Fitzpatrick (who work for the Ghostbusters) come to town, and Neil tells them about his nightmare problem. While they catch up at a bar, a ghost appears and they bust it making them feel oh so good. So they continue busting ghosts around town. Ed figures out that Freddy's spirit is inside the used mattress Neil has bought, but before they can get there, Chuck bites the dust. They burn the mattress but unknowingly they have set Freddy free. When Nancy won't wake up, they get advice from Jarred, the Subway guy, to bust Freddy with the proton packs. Neil and Eugene go into the dream world to save Nancy and bring Freddy out, but things don't go so well as Freddy chases them around the boiler room. Finally when Freddy is brought into the real world, the Ghostbusters do what they do best and that's bust...umm...well ghosts. In the end Freddy is stopped, Neil hooks up with Nancy and all ends well.

This fan made film combines two of the 80s' most iconic franchises: Ghostbusters and A Nightmare on Elm Street, and does so really well. The film is more comedy than horror and is filled with all types of sight gags and one-liners. The script is clever, and while some jokes fall flat, the heart that Braxton and his crew put into it shows. Bradley J. Roddy plays Freddy Kruger, and while the make up looks like a do it your self Halloween appliance, his line delivery is well done and makes an all right imitation Kruger. Tim Johnson, who plays Ed Spangler, nephew of Egon Spangler, was a great choice for the role and does an outstanding job. For the most part for a fan made film, the acting is really good. The effects are well done as well, given that no blood is used. All the effects go into the Ghostbusters equipment and that helps give this film a higher edge on many other fan films. Plus with an appearance by everyone's favorite ghost Slimmer and a surprise at the end that has a certain hockey masked killer, this is sure to bring out the film nerd in all of us. While the film is short clocking in at 35 minutes, the time limit keeps it from wearing out its welcome and makes it a nice quick comedy piece that is sure to please fans of both franchises.

The DVD I got has no extras and is a pop and play DVD. The cover art is pretty cool and is a mock of the Freddy vs. Jason poster. The films quality is poor on this print and looks like it was taken off Youtube or some other internet site.

This film gets 3 stars for a fan made films which I judge differently from major budget films and even independent films. I base it on the fact that it features characters we all know and love and what they do with them opposed to budget, originality, special effects, ect. as it would go into a Hollywood film review. If you're a fan of Freddy Kruger, the Ghostbusters, no budget films or fan made films then Freddy vs. Ghostbusters is for you. I say it's worth a watch and track down for sure.