Electronic Pinball

Review by Tiger Joe


The classic game of pinball comes to everyone’s favorite handheld game company, Tiger, with this 1987 release. It’s pretty simple - you must keep the ball alive to get as many points as possible to break your own record or your friends'. Two flippers are your only friends as you hit the ball around. Up to two players and five levels of difficulty make this Tiger game simple yet fun.

Game Play ________________________________________________________________________

This one’s so easy a four year old could play it! The left orange button moves the left flipper and the right one moves the right. The downside is that sometimes the ball moves super slowly and sometimes the flipper moves the ball at a weird angle, knocking it out of play. Over all this game is easy as pie.

Graphics ________________________________________________________________________

These days Tiger handhelds are hard to grade on their graphics because they are simple black outlines, but let's give it a shot! This one is pretty cut and dry: the flippers look like flippers and the ball is a black circle so I guess on a Tiger handheld report card, this would get a B+.

Sound _______________________________________________________________________

Lots of beeps and buzzes make up this game's soundtrack. For a handheld this is pretty standard; so don’t look for groundbreaking music or sound effects because you won't get that it here. The sound is fitting for a pinball video game.

Overview ________________________________________________________________________

If you like pinball and would like to play it while stuck on a long car trip and don’t have a PSP, DS, Gameboy or even a Game Gear, this Tiger handheld is the route to go. Tiger handhelds are perfect little items to kill time with as you sit and wait, and this Electronic Pinball is a nice addition to anyone’s Tiger collection. Cool blue color for the case, nice orange buttons and simple game play and graphics make this one something you might want to check out.