Death Wish 3

Review by Matthew


You are Paul Kersey, and you are walking the streets of New York as a riot is going on. Armed with a bazooka, shotgun, machine gun and a hand gun, you watch as the cops try to get things in order as the bad guys rob and kill anyone in their way. But you being the vigilante you are, can't just sit back and watch as this happens. So you start blowing suckers away and aid the cops in this dark time of human despair. So get ready to walk the streets and rid the city of gang scum. We played this on a Datasette, and the load time was a little long.

Game Play ________________________________________________________________________

After hours of playing and running out of ammo and just running the streets I still don’t know fully what the hell I am supposed to do! The game has a compass that blinks to tell you the direction you should have Paul go, as the joystick moves him from right to left and up and down streets. The red button has him fire his weapon or if out of ammo, makes him shrug. The game is easy to control but confusing as to what, when, were and why. I do like the fact that you work along side the cops who help you stop the gangs, but if you shoot and kill a cop then they will also try and take you down. This game really was the Grand Theft Auto of its day. When you shoot someone with a bazooka, they fall into a pile of flesh. Now that’s gore filled action! This is a fun silly game filled with 8-Bit ass kicking action.

Graphics ________________________________________________________________________

The background in this game is just a normal generic city backdrop with some random windows on buildings and objects on the sidewalks. The gang members, cops, medics and civilians all look good and help add to the action feel of the game, and while they are simple they all work in the roles they are playing. Paul Kersey looks amazing in all his 8-Bit glory, and I am sure this fact made actor Charles Bronson happy that they did such a good job on his likeness in a very cheap computer game. Plus the graphics of the gang members being shot is amazing and made this game one of those titles that made parents go all crazy about its graphic nature. With all this said let's take a look at its marks on that wonderful Commodore 64 graphics report card, and this game would get a B+ for its over the top gore and for the 8-Bit version of Bronson.

Sound _______________________________________________________________________

The game has no real sound effects and is pretty much a silent game, besides an AMAZING theme that plays through out the game. The games main and only song is so cool that I have found the gamers and musicians have made remixes of it! Not much else can be said besides wish they would have even added some generic sound effects to go along with the great score.

Overview ________________________________________________________________________

This game was made in the good old days of video/computer games when every movie, toy line and even rock star could have a video game based around them. Now a lot of gamers love to go around and trash movie tie-in games and not give any a chance. For the most part they are right; many of these titles are shells of games used for quick cash ins on what's popular. But I am here to tell you that if you like classic old school computer games, the Death Wish films, Charles Bronson, the Grand Theft Auto game series and games that make no sense and have no real direction of what you are to do then Death Wish 3 for the Commodore 64 is one hell of a good play! While I did find flaws in the game such as lack of bullets and direction, it’s the fact you play Bronson and kill every thing in site that makes this game a fun play after a stressful day. I say that this game is a fun early action game that pushed the limits of what violence could be put into a video game. So get ready to grab your bazooka and blow some scum away in DEATH WISH 3 for Commodore 64, if you think your man enough!