Darkest of Days

Review by Stephen


This game was released on PC and Xbox 360 exclusively. You are Alexander Morris, fighting at the Battle of Big Horn with General Custer ready to be slaughtered by the overwhelming Indian hoards, when out of nowhere a worm hole appears and you are pulled from the battlefield seconds before you are slain. You discover that you were picked up by a time traveling group called Kronotek. From here you are given assignments from a person on a computer screen just referred to as "Mother", a sort of police officer of history. Along with your buddy, Agent Dexter, you fight to keep history safe from anyone that would want to use time travel to change history. While you are "fixing" history you keep encountering a different organization trying to stop your efforts. You must return history to its original state while trying to find the creator of the time traveling device and trying not to be killed by this unknown organization. It's a wild ride with lots of twists and turns.

Game Play ________________________________________________________________________

When you arrive at Kronotek you are in what appears to be a control room of some type. Then with a short introduction you are thrust into the game with a tutorial by Agent Dexter. He lets you know how to do everything you need to know to survive. The movements of this game are decent. It can get a little stiff at times, but nothing that stops you from killing your target. Being a first-person shooter, you have limited line of sight, but they make up for it by giving you an indicator of where you are being shot from. The weapons are very authentic to the time periods you are fighting in, which was awesome to me. I kept finding myself using the single shot musket over the repeating rifle in the Civil War eras, just because it felt more like I was there. There are several different weapons to choose from in each time period like muskets in the Civil War era and Winchester rifles in the WWI eras, so use them all. You never know which one you will like best. You can also upgrade these weapons as time goes on in the control room where you choose your missions. You gain points by completing missions.

You go through three time periods in the game, the Civil War, WWI, and Roman times at Pompeii. All of these levels really give you the feeling that you are in that time period. Everyone speaks the languages they are suppose to and wear the clothing of the period. I love this aspect of the game.

You are given one special ability: there are certain people in history you are not suppose to kill that glow a certain color and you are given little explosive balls that attach themselves to these people and knock them out so they don't get killed in crossfire or something. If you do happen to kill one of these fellows, then god help you because you will unleash the furry of that unknown organization and they will kill you. Also every once in awhile you are able to use futuristic weapons to ensure success and that is a lot of fun.

Graphics ________________________________________________________________________

The graphics are very good. From the character models to the backgrounds everything feels so authentic you almost forget that this is a time travel game. There is a nice amount of carnage too with people flying through the air and blood everywhere; it was nice see that in a historically based game. I am so used to the History Channel games with no blood and slow action. I would give this a solid A.

Sound _______________________________________________________________________

The soundtrack was pretty generic, but I could handle it. It didn't ruin the game for me by any means. The character voices were really generic when it came to the people you had to talk to to advance in the story, except for Dexter he had a pretty good voice actor and "Mother" was decent also. The one thing that was the best was when they spoke in the languages of the time period; in Pompeii the people were speaking Latin and Germans spoke German and so forth. It felt like they got that straight from old movie footage. The explosions were good along with the other sound effects like yelling, gunfire and weather sounds, overall not bad sound wise.

Overview ________________________________________________________________________

This was a fun game but way too short. I beat it in about four hours. This was a great concept that could have been executed just a little bit better. And I must admit the 3.5 stars was mainly because of the length of the game. I felt a little cheated in the way it ended and how fast it came to the climax. Definitely check it out in your free time, but don't expect to much from the story because it will leave you hanging.