Film Review - La Maldicion De La Momia Azteca (Curse of the Aztec Mummy)

Starring - Ramon Gay, Rosita Arenas, Crox Alvarado, Angel Di Stefani / Directed by Rafael Portillo / BCI DVD FF Not Rated 65min 1957

Review By Xmortis

This marks the second film in the Aztec Mummy series, but does it hold the charm of the first? Read on and find out.

With The Bat (Dr. Krupp) captured after the events of the first film, his goons want spring him out of jail. During the attempt a luchadore named El Angel tries to help the police but is out muscled. Dr. Almada and Flora are warned of by El Angel of Krupp's escape, as Krupp himself speaks to his goons of the Aztec treasure they are going to be on the hunt for. In order to find the now blocked tomb, they kidnap Flora and Almada's daughter and again put Flora in a trance to have her reveal the location. Krupp has Almada show up to his hidden lab to get even more info about the Aztec treasure. El Angel shows up and is beat up and put in a death trap as Flora leads Krupp to the treasure. El Angel's young friend Bobby saves him, and together they save Almada from Krupp's goons. Krupp finds the treasure and awakens the Aztec Mummy once more as El Angel and Almada come to Flora's aid and once more fail in their attempt to be heroes. Almada decodes the secrets of the treasure just as the Aztec Mummy comes calling, wipes the floor with the goons and Krupp and returns to its tomb with its stolen treasure. Almada, Flora, Bobby and El Angel watch as the Aztec Mummy walks into the night.

This film is filled with flashbacks of the first film "Le Momia Azteca", and the storyline feels a little lackluster and un-motivated. The fact that The Bat or Dr. Krupp returns to get the treasure out of greed is classic bad guy behavior. Also it was a nice touch having Dr. Almada and Flora back as the film's heroes. But the most fun addition to the storyline is the masked avenger El Angel who is a cheaper version of El Santo and one of the worst rescuers in history of cinema. El Angel and Dr. Almada are really some of the wimpiest heroes in Mexican cinema! They are captured and beat up more then they actually help. The Aztec Mummy looks super silly in this one, and the rubber mask used for its face looks more ape like then human. The whole film just seems like no one cared about a storyline, and it was made to make a quick buck by turning out a sequel. The film also uses too many flashbacks to extend the length and that's just unmotivated film making. The editing is a mess in places and has terrible shaky cuts that remind me of old deck to deck VHS editing. Plus the dubbed voices were silly and make for some of the worst dialogue I have heard in a while. But the worst crime this film commits is the fact the Aztec Mummy has hardly any screen time and is barely seen until the last ten minutes or so of the movie or so. This is a pretty lackluster sequel to the original and is for Aztec Mummy fans only!

The DVD's extras include both dubbed and original Spanish versions of the film and motion menus. The cover just like the first in the series is pretty sweet and is the classic movie poster.

Despite trying hard to make a horror series, this second film just doesn't deliver on the monster goods and is more of a mobster movie meets mad scientist. So let's see how the third film in the series holds up as the Aztec Mummy takes on a robot!

Once again this DVD is from BCI's Aztec Mummy boxset that is so worth a buy!