Film Review - The Corpse Grinders II

Starring - Liz Renay, Dolores Fuller, Shanti, Sean Morelli, Andy Freeman, Spike Measer / Directed by Ted V. Mikels /Alpha New Cinema DVD FF Not Rated 103min 2000

Review By Xmortis

In space, the cat people of Ceta are at war with the dog people of another planet, and the cats are losing badly and running low on food. So they choose to travel to Earth to find cat food for their war stricken planet. On earth the Lotus cat food factory is back in business and is being run by the nephews (Landau and Maltby) of the sickos from the first film. They again want to use the bodies of the dead as the main ingredient for their new and improved wet cat food. Once more a vet named Howard and a nurse named Angie are in love and looking for some food that a troubled cat would eat. Landau and Maltby go to a backwoods graveyard and make a deal with the gravedigger Caleb and his kooky wife Cleo to supply them with the bodies. The good old grinder is fired up and they are back in business! Meanwhile the queen of the cat-people, Felina, is looking for the food supply for her planet at every small Ma and Pa grocery store. In the clinic the troubled cat eats some Lotus cat food and goes crazy attacking Howard and sparking the question what's in that food. The government gets involved and want to take a tour of the planet to make sure nothing is queer about the food, but the agent is killed for snooping. Caleb also kills Cleo after she is visited by an alien and flips out. Professor Mikoff is looking at what Lotus cat food is made of and finds that in fact it has traces of human flesh. Felina calls a board meeting of the Lotus Company and wants to buy it, but her offer is shot down leaving her people still hungry. Alice goes to the factory to get some cat food for the weird cat (and her aunt) and is shown on a tour of the factory and given two boxes of food for her troubles. The Government's Men In Black are sent to the factory to buy 400 cases of Lotus (food for the planet Ceta) and that news makes Landau and Maltby very happy, but scrambling to find more bodies. They make the delivery and make tons of cash as Felina heads home with the food, and Proffessor Mikoff goes with them It's left open for a part three...lord help us.

Okay, what was Mikels thinking when he made this sequel to his classic drive in film The Corpse Grinders? Right off the bat I had problems with the terrible looking Cat People who wear giant rubber ears! And for that matter why they hell are there space aliens in this film? Also why the hell did he use the same names for characters that he used in the first film? It almost seems like he remade his own film and made it terrible with his new additions. The special effects are terrible and amount to nothing more than rubber ears, cheaply made masks and poorly done computer graphics. The story line is riddled with tons of sub plots and characters that don't need to be there, slowing down the already confusing story. Speaking of plot, this film is a mixture of horror, sci-fi and comedy, but I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to be funny. The film's ending is terrible and serves only to launch a part three that I hope, if made, is taken a little more serious. The acting in the film is pretty terrible and is truly armature just making this bad film worse. The only super positive remark I can make about the cast is that Cara Jo Basso who plays Angie has some amazing legs! The film's lighting is once again done well and adds to moments of dread. The sets that are made look cheap and would make Ed. Wood Jr. proud. Over all this sequel was a waste of time and a pimple on a classic drive-in film that came years before this shot on video trash.

The DVD has extras that include commentary, a making of look at and scene selections.

I cannot warn you enough to stay away from this cheapie! If you're looking for a modern drive-in style film, this is not one you will want to see. But if you're looking for a cheesy shot on video film that feels like a public access film, then this one's for you. I say skip it!