Film Review - The Corpse Grinders

Starring - Sanford Mitchell, J. Byron Foster, Sean Kenney, Monika Kelly, Warren Ball / Directed by Ted V. Mikels / Alpha New Cinema DVD LB Not Rated 73min 197

Review By Xmortis

Cats around the United States are going crazy after eating cans of Lotus Cat Food. The Lotus Factory is running low on the special ingredient that makes their food so good for cats, and that's the big surprise. Doctor Howard Glass and Nurse Angie Robinson are in love, but her pet cat is acting crazy every time it eats canned cat food from the Lotus Company. The owners of the factory are getting the ingredient from local grave robbers (Caleb and Cleo), showing that the special meat in the cans are in fact dead human bodies. The two feed the bodies into a huge grinder where they are chopped up and made into a meat paste. The owners are also getting meat from funeral workers but need to find new people to supply the goods. Meanwhile a old man's friend is killed by her pet tomcat, and Howard and Angie are the ones looking into this strange attack/death. They start to piece together that the cats have somehow gotten a taste for human flesh that's causing them to attack their loving owners. They go on the hunt to find the Lotus factory, and when they find it they are shocked to find the owners to be super nice. Angie and Howard get a case of food that they are going to take to have examined as the owners take to killing people to supply the meat for the kitty food, mostly the homeless and disabled. A strange man seems to be following both groups, as they both try to get what they need. The lead owner kills Caleb and his gal Cleo to tie up those loose ends. As Angie goes back to the factory to snoop around, she is caught and is on a one way trip to the grinder. Does she get saved? What happens to the evil factory owners? Does Howard save the day? And who is the strange man following everyone?

This is a fun old school horror film that makes me miss the good old days of Drive-In Theaters. The plot is silly with a factory using human meat instead of animal guts and scraps, but then that's the beauty of camp cinema, the plot doesn't have to make a whole lot of sense. The acting is pretty funny and sometimes it seems as if they are reading from cue cards. Monika Kelly who plays Angie is pretty attractive and does a good job for the most part but again she really is no actor. The use of lighting in the film is good and helps add a creepy factor in some shots. The film has very little blood and when a body is ground up, it's nothing more then hamburger shoved out a nozzle. The cat attacks are laughable. They're nothing more then cats being cats who are flung on people who flip around and act as if they are being bite. Ted V. Mikels is one of the godfathers of making cheapie horror films, and this one is his crown jewel of Drive-In Schlock. It's great to see Alpha New Cinema putting time and care into this classic 1971 piece of cheesy schlock and giving it a good DVD release.

The DVD has some extras that include original trailer, commentary and a making of. All are worth a watch. The DVD cover, as you can see, is also very eye catching.

If you want to see a classic drive in film that is filled with cheap chills and eye rolling thrills then you should pick up this masterpiece of cheapie cinema!