Film Review - Cannibal 2000

Starring - Oliver Sauer, Cornelia De Pablos, Andreas Stock | Directed by Andreas Schnaas | Schnaas DVD FF Unrated 80min 1999

Review By Xmortis

The film opens with agents entering a cave and finding human body parts all around. That's when they know they're on the trail of the killer they are looking for. After one of the agents finds a diary, he learns of Nikos Karamanlis, a proud man who watched his family get killed during a raging thunderstorm as they boated in the ocean. Meanwhile on a beach somewhere a goth girl and her metal head boyfriend decide to make love witch, but then a sun baked, now deformed Nikos comes calling with a ahatchet. A group of friends decide to go visit an island, and they pick the wrong one as they stumble into Nikos's hunting ground and find a blind young woman who is scared of a killer that lurks. One by one this beast of a man hunts them down and kills them in brutal ways that include knife spear through neck, head bashes, disemboweled, impaled from ass to mouth with a tree branch, a baby ripped out of a mother, neck bites with a back breaker that follows and a head rip off straight out of Mortal Kombat. In the end a lone man survives as he shoots Nikos in the gut with a pistol over and over, only to have Nikos eat his own guts and still come back for revenge on the survivor who must still fight still to stay alive. In the end only one walks away alive, and there is a twist that will have you scratching your head.

I am a huge fan of the original Anthropophagous aka The Grim Reaper film directed by Joe D'Amato and was hyped to see this remake by Andreas Schnass even though I wasn't a fan of his other work (Violent Shit, Nikos The Impaler). While it's not a total pile of crap, it does have a lot of flaws that make it really seem like the backyard bastard son of the original. The acting, while in German, seems very amateure and stale. The majority of the cast seem like wooden puppets who merely go through the motions of a horror film. Andreas Schnaas plays Nikos (The Grim Reaper), and while he seems to really love directing and starring as the lead killer, his look just does not live up to the great George Eastman. In fact it almost seems like a guy's Halloween costume instead of the iconic character, but it was a nice try on Andreas' part. The worst thing that Schnaas did to the character (SPOILER ALERT) is turn him into a man who wants to die and begs the hero to kill him. Nikos is better as a cold blooded killer. The blood and gore scenes are numerous. It's just a shame they look really cheesy, but there are still some acts of over the top violence that are pretty uncomfortable. All your favorite over the top moments from the original are done here, just on a way cheaper level, like the baby chomping scene and the famed ending. The film adds a few more random deaths that, while are fun to watch, don't really add anything to this already watered down remake. On top of the kills it's also laced with boring sex scenes that don't really work. The soundtrack is a weird techno style classic film score that sounds okay for this production. This film just failed to wow me on any level. While some of the film worked like the low budget gore, others parts didn't like the terrible script. Over all this is a remake that didn't do the original any justice.

Extras on this disc include English subtitles, slideshow and trailers for other Schnaas films. The film is pretty much full frame, but they did add some letterboxing to the top and bottom that makes for shaky picture quality.

While I didn't hate this movie, it was a major disappointment and didn't live up to the original film at all and even fell behind the sequel in all departments. It's a shame with all the horror remakes happening that some young talented director like an Dusty Austin, Andy Copp or even Fred Vogel didn't snatch this film up and give it a proper remake. Until then or another sequel is made I will just watch the original again, and I am fine with that. Check it out via a rental or a cheap DVD buy for fans of the original only.