Batman Arkham Asylum

Review by Matthew


You are Batman, the world’s greatest detective and crime fighter, and you have just caught the Joker again. But something’s not right about this on. He surrendered too easily so you follow him back to Arkham Asylum to make sure he is locked up right. But it's a trap. Commissioner Gordon is kidnapped, and the inmates are set free as the Joker is running the asylum! Some of the worst villains from your rouges gallery are free and stuck with you on the island. Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Bane, Mr. Zasaz, Scarecrow, The Riddler and Poison Ivy are all free and looking for your head. Batman battles his way through tons of inmates that are all committed to the clown prince of crime and his wild plan to use a new, improved venom (the stuff Bane uses to beef up) to turn the world into mindless muscle bound hoods. So after saving Asylum workers you must also stop the super villains and finally Joker who has used the venom on himself. The game ends with a surprise that will set up a part two.

Game Play ________________________________________________________________________

It’s pretty easy to get this game’s combos and movements down. To be honest that’s pretty shocking given all the combos, flying and hiding you have to do throughout this game. The only clinch I had during the game was at times when Batman need to run he would pause for a second and take some damage. During the fight with Poison Ivy that was a major downer. But Batman does move and glide with ease and it's pretty simple to master his move sets. This in my opinion is the mold that all super hero games should be based around. The moves are for the most part flawless as is the story.

Graphics ________________________________________________________________________

The graphics are stunning and are the best looking of any super hero game thus far. The backgrounds look realistic, and some are just breathtaking in their fine detail. Batman looks great and seems like he walked straight of the pages of DC comics and mixed with a real life person. All the villains also look amazing. The only one that I was a little let down by was Bane who just kind of looked bland and too generic. The best in my opinion was the Scarecrow who they gave huge needle fingers so that he can inject fear gas into your blood stream. The inmates all look pretty standard but all have their charm. Over all this would get an A+ for its stunning graphics.

Sound _______________________________________________________________________

The soundtrack is dark and moody. It’s a perfect fit for this dark game. The voice acting is perfect with “Batman: The Animated Series” veterans like Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, and Arleen Sorkin who voiced Batman, Joker and Harley Quinn for that cartoon stepping back into their characters. All the rest of the voice actors do an amazing job with their characters' voices. The game's sound effects are also very appropriate and fit perfectly for every action. Over all this game is perfection in the sound department.

Overview ________________________________________________________________________

Batman is an icon in the world of comics, but for the most part was a big fat bomb in the world of video games (yes, there are a few good Batman games.), but Arkham Asylum locks his status of being in one of the best games in the past couple of years. If you like Metal Gear Solid (for the stealth), Streets of Rage (for the beat 'em up) and Batman, than this is a perfect game for you to check out. The game is loaded with bad guys and reads as an almost who’s who of his archenemies. And for ones that are not in the game you can sure as hell find their cells and or find clues that yes, they were there too. If you're looking for a well done game that has lots of challenge mixed with game play that has repeat value then check out this great game. Plus, if you buy this on PS3 you get a great extra that allows you to play as the Joker on a mission that is not on X-Box 360 as of early 2010. I say this is worth a first day buy and should be picked up for fans of action games that have more to them then just beating up thugs!