Film Review - Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theatres

Voices by - Dana Snyder, Carey Means, Dave Willis, Andy Merrill/Directed by C. Martin Croker and Dave Willis/WB DVD WS R 87min 2007

Review By Joker

The film opens in Egypt/New York where Master Shake, Frylock and Meatwad are escaping from a makeshift Sphinx and are attacked by a giant fire-breathing poodle! Frylock is murdered by the beast and is whisked away and cloned back to life by Abraham Lincoln! Or so is the story Master Shake is telling.

In the castle of Dr. Weird, all is not what it seems as the building is being converted into a dorm. While Master Shake is trying to teach Meatwad about getting a better body to get the girls, Frylock is looking up instructions on the Internet to put together the Insanoflex machine. By assembling the exercise machine, Frylock starts the end of the world. The Plutonians and The Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from The Future are also after the Insaneoflex machine, and both groups are looking for the missing piece that is in the hands of Dr. Weird. When The Aqua Teen Hunger Force finds the piece, Carl, their neighbor is sucked into the machine and is forced to work out as the machine attacks the town. After finding a way to stop the machine, they discover it has laid eggs all over town and they must go to the past to change the events that took place. All the while Frylock is having flashbacks to the Aque Teens’ creation. They find out that Dr. Weird is the creator of the Insaneoflex and their father! After a fight that has Frylock and Dr. Weird going at it (Weird skins Carl and steals his new muscles), you find out that Dr. Weird is in fact the son of Frylock! And that a piece of Watermelon created The Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Dr. Weird and the Atari-like aliens and that there Mom is a seven layer burrito! The End….yeah, really, that was it!

What a random ass movie that has one of the dumbest plots in the world! But then again, what did you expect from an Adult Swim cartoon turned into a feature film? While this film was a bomb in the theatres, I did see it in the theatre and was not impressed at all. So after watching this again two years later on DVD, the film was not as bad as I originally thought. Sure, the story is a mess and makes no sense in spots and almost feels like a hack job of lots of episodes thrown together. Better yet, it feels like a Spanish film that an American distributor bought and chopped in three other films they owned! But thinking more about it, this film is a rip off in the theatres and even was over-priced on DVD! I think the thing about this film that makes me dislike it is the fact its one of those films that the studio thought mindless sheep would come in droves to see it. It feels incomplete and very half-assed. But I guess that’s also kind of the charm of the show. In closing, I am not a true fan of this film and barely of the show so go into this film at your own risk.

WB delivers on the extras for this release that even includes a cut down 80-minute version of the film, multiple trailers, behind the scenes look, promo spots, photo gallery along with the soundtrack and a ton more! The DVD cover is cool and reminded me of a Conan The Barbarian style painting.

This is a film that’s a waste of time, but I guess could be a good watch to kill time! So I say skip but you may say own it.