Film Review - Action Jackson

Starring - Carl Weathers, Craig T. Nelson, Vanity, Sharon Stone, Bill Duke, Al Leong, Nicholas Worth | Directed by Craig R. Baxley | WB DVD FF R 96min 1988

Review By Joker

Sgt. Jericho Jackson is a tough cop on the terrible streets of Detroit, Michigan and was recently demoted for roughing up power tycoons Peter Dellaplane's son. Jackson is sent to a banquet that is honoring Dellaplane and meets his new wife, Patrice. Worse autoworkers are being murdered, and their deaths are somehow connected. But only Jackson sees the connections after his drugged out friend Tony fills him in on who he thinks is setting these people up. Dellaplane is the prime suspect. Dellaplane meanwhile is cheating on his wife with a singer named Sydney Ash who is beautiful but also a junkie. After Tony is killed Jackson speaks to Patrice, and she fills him in on what she has overheard. This starts attempts on Jackson's life and leads to Dellaplane killing his wife and blaming Action Jackson for the crime. Jackson goes on the run with Sydney who is also targeted by the hit men, and at the same time the two start to fall for each other. Jackson and Sydney are captured by Dellaplane and his men who reveal a plot to set Jackson up for the murder of a Union leader. Jackson and what's left of his friends stop the assassination attempt, and Jackson stops Dellaplane once and for all. He wins the heart of Sydney and gets a promotion all in the matter of three minutes.

Carl Weathers is Action Jackson and does a great job at making a 1988 Blaxploitation film that also has a great cop drama vibe. While not a good actor, Weathers does a stand up job as playing a smart ass, one liner delivering action superstar. Craig T. Nelson plays Peter Dellaplane as does so with sleazy glee as he murders and torments his targets. Sharon Stone plays Patrice, and while her time on screen is limited she does a wonderful job of taking a shower and showing her butt and breasts. Pop princess Vanity is Sydney Ash. While she's not a great actress, she looks amazing and also shows off her goods. The rest of the acting ranges from good to just okay, with Bill Duke being the real stand out as the police chief. And I need to give a shout out to Al Leong who played a martial arts thug in many movies of the late 80's and early 90's. While this film went to theaters, it seems more like a direct to video film with the stars making up most of the film's low budget. The film has a terrible script and terrible line delivery for the most part, but it's those charms that make this film a fun watch. I mean the punch sound effects sound like cartoon hits! Over all this is a mediocre action film at best, and that's where its charm really is.

The DVD is barebones. It features scene selection and language selection, and that's all. The cover is pure cheese and is in one of those terrible cardboard Warner snap cases.

If you're looking for a stupid action film with Carl Weathers, a pop star's boobs, drugs, Craig T. Nelson doing kung fu, lots of broken glass and Sharon Stone being shot in the gut, then this is the action film for you.