Film Review - Above the Law

Starring - Steven Seagal, Pam Grier, Sharon Stone, Henry Silva, Daniel Faraldo, Ron Dean | Directed by Andrew Davis | WB DVD WS/FF R 99min 1988

Review By Xmortis

Nico Toscani is a one-time CIA war vet and is now a good cop on the streets of Chicago. He and beat partner Deloris are on a huge case to bust some of Chi-Town's top drug dealers and runners. But when he busts a drug dealer who's subsequently let go by top ranking government agents, Nico and his family become targets of both the drug cartels and corrupt government officials. Nico figures out that his former military superior Kurt Zagon is involved and goes on a warpath to make his neighborhood safe once more for all the people and for a church that has also become a target when it’s uncovered that they are hiding illegal aliens. In the end, Nico turns up the heat and brings down Zagon and his evil drug cartel.

This was Steven Seagal's first film and gave America its first taste of action Seagal style. Segal plays Nico so dry and with stiff action that makes for one great 80’s film. Pam Grier, the legendary Blaxploitation actress who played such great characters as Foxy Brown and Coffy, steps into the role of Deloris, the tough female cop who is partners with Nico and is so close to retiring. The acting overall is pretty cheesy and over the top. But the mind blowing fight sequences make for a great action flick. Next to Casey Rybak from Under Siege, Nico is probably the most popular character Seagal has played. As of late Seagal has become kind of a joke because of his direct to video action films with boring, staged fight scenes and his ballooned up physique, but Above the Law shows you what this action superstar of the late 80’s and 90’s was really made of.

The DVD extras include a full frame print of the film, trailers and subtitles. Nothing special but then again WB always did skim on extras.

This is a great 80’s action film that showcases the slow acting and fast fighting of the 90’s top action star. If you love your action films with lots of over the top fighting, a cop with slicked back hair and an aging Blaxploitation star, then this one is a must have.