Film Review - Abby

Starring - Carol Speed, William Marshall, Terry Carter | Directed by William Girdler | Cinefear DVD FF Not Rated 92min 1974

Review By Xmortis

Dr. William is on his way to Nigeria, and his students throw him a farewell party that includes a custom made silver cross as a gift. Once he arrives, he sets free a sex craved demon that is on a b-line to the USA. His son Emmett (a father of the church) and wife Abby are moving into a new home. It seems like life is perfect for them, but things start getting strange when Abby herself seems to be turning into something demonic. Her sexual urge is high, and her lust for blood and carnage is rising. Even her faith in the church is slipping. Emmett is worried about his wife who now is acting wild and uncaring, even attacking him with a lustful glee. The demonic force even leads to the death of the church organist, whom Abby torments into having a heart attack. Emmett is fearful and calls his father who is still in Nigeria for help in ridding his wife of what he now thinks is an evil spirit. Abby is taken to the hospital and is shown to be healthy and is a sweetheart to the staff. But when Dr. Williams comes to town, Abby escapes from the hospital and starts the war between good and evil. That leads to a cat and mouse game and deaths of people who are in her way. The exorcism takes place at a bar where Emmett and her brother team up with Dr. Williams to drive the evil out of Abby. In the end the evil is recaptured, Abby is free and happy and life is good once more.

The first thing I must warn the viewer about is that the picture quality is poor and looks like a VHS Bootleg port in some scenes. While this may be a problem for some buyers, it's the only way you'll ever see this film on an official DVD. This is pretty much the blaxploitation version of The Exorcist. Packed with vomit and crude sexual talk, this is really a B-Grade film. It was great seeing William Marshall (Blacula) playing a father and doctor who is the force of good. He was such a great actor and very underrated in his time. Carol Speed, best known for her role in The Mack, is perfectly cast as the troubled Abby. She does a great job at being sweet and then turning into a sexy craved demon.

The DVD sports some great extras that are all worth a look including the original trailer, a radio spot, lobby card gallery, poster gallery, production stills, the history of Abby and chapter selections. The DVD cover is cool and is the classic movie poster.

While the print is terrible, this film was a fun ride that I will say was worth the buy. If you like possession horror, blaxploitation films or even just b-films, this is worth your time.