The Three Stooges

Review by Matthew


An evil banker is going to close down Ma's Orphanage and put the old woman and her three lovely daughters out into the cold, what are they to do? Enter Moe, Curly and Larry, The Three Stooges, who take on the task of raising the money needed to pay off the banker in 30 days and do so through a bunch on mini games that leave them in all sorts of hi-jinx like boxing, oyster eating and hospital item collecting. But watch out, along the way traps have been set and the banker will come calling for his percent of your prize money! In order to find out what adventure or trap you have to do you must select an object as Moe's hand moves about, when you land on an item you go to a little mini game in order to collect the money prize. There are four endings you can get in this game (Bad, Okay, Good and Best) with Best being your ultimate goal because The Stooges get married!

Game Play ________________________________________________________________________

The game play is a little sloppy, and at times your character won't do what you want him to do and that costs money and time - something you don't have a lot of in this game. I found the controls for the Slapometer, Oyster Cracker Eating and Race to Get a New Violin very clunky and down right annoying, while pie throwing, item collecting and trivia were simple. This is by no means an action adventure game. It's just mini games thrown together to use sound and film clips of classic Three Stooges moments. And the lack of more mini games to choose from makes the game also get very boring and repetitive.

Graphics ________________________________________________________________________

The backgrounds in this game look bland, as if the developers didn't want to spend time on them and went the fast generic route. Most of Ma's kids at the orphanage look like animated cardboard cutouts! The Three Stooges look like fun animated parodies of themselves, as does that damn evil banker who looks like a sleazy cartoon villain. The game also uses some cut scenes from classic Three Stooges episodes and to my surprise they look pretty dang good being transferred over and colorized to the Sony Playstation. Over all this is a hard game to judge on graphics because it's not so much of a game as it is an interactive adventure. But once more I need to get the red pen out and grade this on the PS1 Graphic Report Card, and for what its worth I would give this one a C+ for the look of The Stooges. That along with the cut scenes is why it didn't get less.

Sound _______________________________________________________________________

Do you like the song "Three Blind Mice?" If you want to hear a video game composer's take on it then you will love this game's soundtrack! The voice over work is taken from old Three Stooges shorts and used to make them talk among themselves. While its cool to hear it is a little distorted. The classic bonk and smack sounds are also used making this an okay sounding game. I wish they would have used more music and less "Three Blind Mice."

Overview ________________________________________________________________________

This is not so much what I would call a fun game and for the most part once you beat it I feel like it has no replay value at all. While it does have many endings the only one you should care about getting is one that would pay off the old woman's debit, and not waste your time trying to get the other two happy endings. This game is a remake of an old Commodore game that had been ported over on many systems that include the NES and even PC. While this is possibly the best port over, it still doesn't make up for the fact that it's a lack luster repetitive game with very little action, and no real enemies to fight. I have beat this game and will place it in the Bloodline Video media vault but won't be revisiting it. Check it out if you're a fan of the Stooges or like your video games slower with many mini games.